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  • Published September 18, 2008
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Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help your stomach feel full for a longer duration and avoid curb cravings. It is worth giving the following tips a try as they will eventually help you in reducing weight.

Never prevent yourself from eating in the morning just because you want to have it all in the evening. Regardless of how much ever "be in command of" position you believe you are in the day, you're prone to be excessively hungry by late afternoon. This will ultimately result in overeating without doubt. And in particular, don't miss out any meals to preserve calories for another. This rebounds fatally most of the time.

Never try to skip meals just because you want to save calories or burn them off. This way you are more likely to become even hungrier than you usually are by the time you finally have your meal. Practicing this everyday will just lead to overeating.

Have a healthy breakfast each morning. By having breakfast every morning, you will keep the sugar level in your body stable and avoid diabetes. This in turn helps in keeping hunger at bay. You will also notice that your energy levels are much higher because sluggishness makes you eat more.

If truth be told, research has revealed that people having regular breakfast are more likely to have a healthier weight than people who normally skip breakfast.

Ingestion of abundance of water throughout the day in addition to intake of melons and oranges and other fruits, which have a lot of water in them, will help you feel satisfied for most part of the day. Additionally, there are situations when thirst is simply confused with hunger, so keeping yourself well hydrated might help you avoid eating when you're not really feeling for true appetite.

Get sufficient sleep. When we are weary or tired, we tend to consume more than usual without even being conscious of it. It’s a method that the body uses to "perk" you up. Despite the fact that consuming something high in carbohydrates will provide you with an explosion of get-up-and-go feeling, the burst of energy will disappear in no time. When you are well-rested it will help you keep that "afternoon droop" at bay and definitely far away from the vending machine.

Eating habits also need a regular schedule that you need to follow. Eating on a regular basis will keep you satisfied all the time without making you feel hungry or starved and thus controlling the quantity you sooner or later consume. The suitable time between each meal should be at least three hours but it should never exceed the limit of five hours. When you go without food for more than five hours, that’s when the problem starts. This problem can be successfully solved by including healthy and nutritional snacks and fruit drinks into your time-table or by having a number of mini-meals as a replacement for the three normal meals.

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