The Freedom That Contact Lenses Can Give You

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  • Author Steven Myros
  • Published October 7, 2008
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It's an unfortunate fact that many of us don't have perfect vision or will at least lose our perfect vision sometime in the future. However, as more and more people are discovering every day, requiring vision correction does not necessarily mean that you have to be dependent upon glasses in order to see clearly. In fact, contact lenses often provide better vision than glasses do, and they also provide a greater level of freedom. This is especially true since recent advancements in the eye care industry have resulted in modern contacts which are of higher quality and which offer greater comfort than ever before. Offering freedom from frames as well as a whole host of other benefits and advantages, the popularity of contacts will likely continue to grow at a steady rate.

While the introduction of the general principle behind contact lenses is credited to Leonardo da Vinci in the early sixteenth century, the first successful contact lens was manufactured in the late nineteenth century. These early lenses were made of glass and could only be worn for a few hours at a time. However, around the middle of the twentieth century, chemist Otto Wichterle invented the modern contact lens. Since that time, several advancements have resulted in the creation of contacts which now provide excellent vision correction as well as a high level of comfort. Also, the types of contact lenses now available are very diverse, so people with many different types of vision problems can use contacts to see clearly and to add a sense of freedom to their lives.

One of the ways in which contacts can provide people with greater freedom is through boosting their confidence with respect to their looks. Many people don't like the way they look in glasses and feel far more self-assured when they can enjoy sharp vision without wearing frames on their face. This tends to be particularly true with teenagers and other school aged children. Having the option of wearing contacts instead of eyeglasses will often make school life far easier for children with less than perfect vision. Many adults also feel more confident and secure when wearing contacts rather than glasses. While some people do like the way they look in glasses, for those who don't, having to wear frames can significantly detract from their self-confidence. In such cases, contact lenses are an excellent alternative for vision correction.

Contacts also offer greater options than glasses when it comes to creating looks for different occasions. Since many people can only afford one pair of eyeglasses at a time, every look or outfit will have to incorporate that one set of frames. On the other hand, a contact lens can be completely invisible, allowing for more natural looks as well as styles that are unrestricted by the type of frames being worn. Color contacts are also available, and can be used to enhance or change eye color. These tinted lenses provide even more opportunities for varying looks and making different statements. Thus, contacts simply provide greater potential for variety than glasses do.

Contact lenses can also provide greater freedom than glasses with respect to comfort. Unlike eyeglasses, contacts won't exert pressure on or slip down your nose. For people who feel unnatural and encumbered when wearing frames, contacts are a great solution. Furthermore, while glasses can hinder peripheral vision by providing only a limited field of corrected sight, contact lenses provide sharp, clear vision in every direction and at every angle. As a result, many people find that they enjoy better all-round vision with contacts as opposed to with glasses.

Contacts are also ideal for those who live an active lifestyle. While glasses can slip, get knocked askew and even get broken while playing sports or just being active, contacts don't pose the same problems. Even during sudden, sharp movements, contact lenses will continue to provide steady, stable vision. For athletes, it's also a relief to be able to see clearly without having to worry about whether one's glasses are staying in place. Moreover, contact lenses also offer a great advantage for those who spend plenty of time outdoors, as they won't be affected by rain, snow or other weather.

One of the greatest aspects of the modern contact lens is the fact that these devices are now far more accessible to the average person. While contacts used to be too expensive for many people with vision problems, this is no longer such an issue. In fact, with quality lenses available from discount contact lens retailers such as, contacts are more affordable than ever before. With these lenses offering so many great advantages and with their increasing affordability, more and more people each day are turning to contacts to address their eyesight problems while remaining free of dependency on eyeglasses.

Steven Myros is a freelance writer and contact lens user. He is an individual who leads an active lifestyle and contact lenses help him avoid problems with glasses. He took off his glasses and found the benefits and freedom that contact lenses gave him.

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