Can Shampoo and Conditioner Be Reasons for Hair Falling out?

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  • Author Michael Howell
  • Published October 9, 2008
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Even though there can be many reasons for hair falling out, rarely would you think it would be related to hair shampoo and conditioners. Not many of us really know what the effect of shampoo has on our hair or hair loss!

Since women use even more hair products than men, the affects are probably even greater for hair falling out in women!

We may think we're getting a great discount when we buy $.99 shampoo, but the cheaper the price the more likely there is harm to your hair.


Shampoos are marketed to provide fragrance, body and style. However, the right reason to use shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp from everything (the daily oil, soil and residue) that accumulates from dirt and chemical products.

But marketers use massive amounts of ingredients and chemicals to make sales. And it is at the cost of causing premature hair falling out in women and men and causing hair follicle damage.


What is the difference between a shampoo that promotes good hair health or causes damage or premature hair loss?

When I began searching for a natural way to stop my hair loss, using the right shampoo was a great concern. I didn't know one from the other.

What you should be concerned about is the alkaline in your shampoo. Many alkaline based shampoos actually create an environment that can damage your hair as well as your skin.

Your hair has a pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5. If you are putting shampoo and conditioners and other hair products on your hair that are not within your pH factors, it can harm your hair.

Make sure to check your ingredients and labels when you purchase your shampoos and conditioners.

Reasons for hair falling out has said to be triggered to shampoos that say they have more body. Some hair products may actually give more body but at the cost of damaging your hair.


Shampoos with the wrong alkaline balance can give the appearance that your hair has extra body and volume but can cause hair to be brittle and eventually fall out. If a shampoo is extremely high in alkaline it can also cause a change in hair color that is also damaging.

According to hair expert Jonathan E. Phillips, shampoo, hair moisturizers, mousses and gels, as well as other products will actually provide better results if the acid balance is pH 4.5 -pH 5.5.

Make sure your conditioner is also within the same pH balance as your shampoo.

The job of your conditioner is to protect the cuticle layer and maintain a proper balance for healthy and shiny hair. Unnatural and chemical conditioners are just as damaging as shampoo.


Above all things, use shampoo and conditioners with all-natural ingredients. You might think you're getting a great deal with $.99 shampoo but it's not a great deal for healthy hair!

Secondly, make sure it is biodegradable which will not attract dirt and oils to clog up your pores.

Thirdly, avoid animal ingredients. Whatever is used on the animals, you also get a dose!

There are many shampoos and other hair care products that are available at health food stores that don't include harmful ingredients to your hair.

When starting my hair loss program, keeping my hair free of hair products with chemical ingredients was one of several steps that helped me turn my hair loss pictures into hair restoration! Since then, I have caused a bald spot in back to virtually disappear and even considerably restore a receding hairline.

It has been the difference between being completely bald and actually growing new hair and even my self-confidence!

For more information on reasons for hair falling out for both men and women visit and take advantage of all my tips I used to stop my hair loss.

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