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  • Published December 19, 2008
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Hair styling is one of the most important parts of fashion. Styling hair is not a new concept to add some statement to your look but it has been continuing from the past. But it true that it was not as common with the people in the past as it is in the present. Talking about, hair straightener which has a humble beginning has now become very popular with the hair stylists and also with the common fashion follower who loves to see themselves beautiful. Hair styling besides your make-up and apparels will surely bag you with praises from the onlookers.

Among the different hair styles, straight hair is now getting the maximum attention as it is easy to manage and looks beautiful. Different flat hair straighteners available in the market though a little expensive are no wonder giving their best result but it should be pondered upon the fact that a part of the female population are not lucky to afford a branded hair straightener for themselves. Then what should they do? Will they bury their desire deep in their heart and forget every thing about it? Well, there are varieties of methods other than using hair straighteners.

Let us find out the different types of hair straightening that are affordable.

  1. Made up of two metal or ceramic plates, the flat hair iron is the most popular hair straightening method in the past couple of year providing any woman a new look in no time just by pulling it through the hair. Remember that it is advisable not to use it too often as the heat may damage your hair. Sedu hair iron is the best hair straightener that uses the most advanced technology like temperature control and ceramic plates.

  2. Another new not yet popular product that is a combo having both a hair iron and a hair dryer that straightens and dries the hair simultaneously saving lots of time comparatively is also gaining reputation in the market.

3.Blow outs was one of the most common hair straightening method in the 20th century that is time consuming, fails to provide hair really flat. Besides this application requires special attention because holding the dryer too close to your hair is sure to damage your hair.

  1. Thermal reconditioning is another permanent hair straightening method but you need to have patient and wait for at least 6 months to get the fine result.

  2. Invented in Japan, IHR (ion hair retexturising) is the most advanced hair straightening method is based on the penetration of ions into the follicle of each hair and changing it’s formation. This hair treatment is only practice in hair salons. It is time consuming but has good and lasting results.

Hair straightener can be distinguished by the technology used. And regarding the price, it runs parallel to the technology used and so there many different types of hair straightener available in the market from expensive to cheap for every one.

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