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  • Published April 18, 2009
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Restitution of a missing or decayed tooth root for an artificial tooth implant is called a dental implant. This is an advanced form of tooth replacement technique where the artificial implanted tooth has a completely natural look. Dental implants account better response than fixed bridges or removal dentures. The depleting natural tooth root in the jaw is replaced by artificial tooth root so that it can support the fixing of artificial tooth without any predicament.

Dental implants are a stable, suitable and effective alternative to missing teeth. The restoration of tooth roots support artificial teeth similar to natural roots causing no discomfort in using them. Another benefit of teeth implants is that implants also preserve supporting and adjacent bones in your jaw. When you wish to replace your teeth, you will definitely need something which is more like natural teeth. The success and failure rate of dental implants depends a lot on the dental implant procedures.

Before you go for teeth implants, check out the procedures a dental clinic offers. The procedures enlighten how adept they are in dental implants. A clinic which follows the unique ‘Noble Biocare All-on-4 procedures’ along with other effective procedures is the perfect clinic for your dental implant. The All-on-4 procedure is the most advanced process of dental implants and has high success rate. Given below are a few practiced dental implant procedures which are effective in artificial tooth implant.

Conventional implant placement procedure is the simplest procedure. In this process an implant in the bone area is placed through a small incision or surgery. The implant is then left undisturbed for a few weeks. This gap allows bone to grow around the implant and fix it strongly. Once the bond between the bone and implant takes place successfully, dentists carry the implant of missing tooth.

Abutment attachment procedure is another effective tooth implant procedure. In this process, after bone modeling, the abutment is fixed to the implant. Abutments are a small connector post. The permanent tooth to be fixed is then attached to the abutment. Success rate of abutment procedures of teeth implants is very high. The next step is fabricating replacement teeth. Fabricating replacement teeth refers to the process of fabricating an artificial tooth to be fixed on abutment. The dentists and experts take impressions of implant abutments and teeth for perfect shade.

Nobel Biocare All-on-4 procedure is an exclusive procedure which is in high demand among people who have dentures. This process has a high success rate. The process requires no bone grafting and is critical for those who want to replace upper or lower dentures in just one single appointment.

Thus there is no end to dental implant procedures. Whatever procedure your dentist recommends, you should take note that it is safe and it has a good success rate. The duration of dental implants varies from patient to patient. So if it takes a little more time in your case, have patience, it will work. All the best!

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