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  • Published July 4, 2009
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Who doesn’t know berries?

Berries come in a wide variety of favors, shapes and sizes, and have their own unique health benefits. Some of the more popular berries include Marionberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, chokeberries, currants, loganberries, boysenberries and many more.

Most of the fruit berry contains vitamin antioxidants, vitamin A in the form of beta-karoten, vitamins C and E. Therefore, the berry fruit is very important for the immune. Long established folk lore dating back many centuries, records that berries were used for their claimed medicinal benefits in alleviating a wide variety of conditions from sore throats, to cardiovascular conditions, relief of eye strain, cancers, benefits in the onset of ageing conditions, and treatment of urinary infections.

Blueberry who came from North America is pure berry. Grow wild, blueberry valued because of the color blue is not just only beautiful, but also contain ingredients that reduce the risk of several diseases including cancer. Also with blackcurrant. Blackcurrant rich in vitamin C. In addition can be processed into jelly or syrup, it is also commonly used for cooking, especially in the sauce and meat dish.

Acai berry can be considered as healthy super food, in facts it acts like colon cleanse and removes all the toxins and digestive system in the immune and digestive system. The much desired acai fruit is only 10% of the actual berry. The other 90% is made up of the seed or pit.

The benefits of berries are numerous when added to a well-balanced diet. Whether they are eaten raw, mixed together and served as a salad or blended together as a smoothie, layer mixed berries and whipped cream in a parfait glass for an elegant dessert. Berries can be a nutritious and delicious way to get some vital nutrients and phytochemicals that the body needs to stay strong and healthy. How about consume jams and jellies? although they may contain berries, they are often high in calories due to added sugars, usually in the form of corn syrup. Read the ingredient label to make sure you are getting real fruit in your spread and opt for those with less added sugar.

The other health benefits of berries are that it helps in improving your concentration and in the prevention of cancer, asthma, colds and hay fever.

All berries are high in fiber. Just one cup of it contain 6 gram of fiber that can make you stay full after meal. Berries have more antioxidant than any other fruit and vegetable.

Berries are also a great source of zinc which helps in the overall growth of hair to nails. Raspberries have the largest levels of zinc in their seeds, which are eaten, unlike other fruits. Zinc also helps in maintaining a healthy sex life where impotence and infertility are also helped.

So, I don't need to underline, that berries are definitely healthy foods!

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