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  • Author Andrea Roberts
  • Published September 23, 2009
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Buying a caravan is a great idea if your holiday never seems long enough, and staying longer incurs extra charges which you can’t afford for the extra days. Investing into buying a caravan means that you can stay as long or as little as you like, you’re free to go and leave as you wish, and also subletting your caravan when you aren’t there could provide an extra income throughout the year.

There are many caravans for sale throughout the UK within holiday caravan parks. A very popular area for both tourists and caravan buyers is North Wales. The beautiful coast, combined with lots to do attracts thousands of UK holiday makers a year, making it a great investment for buyers and also buyers who are familiar with their holidays there every year. A great place to buy caravans within North Wales is Rhyl and surrounding areas such as Towyn, and Prestatyn. Rhyl has lots of activities and beaches to offer families, and is also central to North Wales’ attractions, and tourist attractions. This makes Rhyl a great place to buy a caravan and is simply a place where you will never get bored.

Caravans for sale within a caravan holiday park are a great place to buy. This is because there will be things included within your purchase. Many holiday parks will help you with your funding towards your caravan with small monthly repayments which meet your ability to repay them. These caravans will also usually include free site fees for the current year in which you purchase, gas supply for the current quarter in which you purchase within, gas and electricity certificate to make sure your caravan is safe to sublet and also holiday in, a fridge, TV Ariel, a professional valet, and water rates for the current year in which you purchase your caravan. As well as all this buying a caravan within a caravan park also offers a lowly year charge for your site. Onsite maintenance and security 24hours a day, and the ability to holiday with whomever you like even if it has four legs.

The best thing about purchasing a caravan within a holiday caravan park is that if you wish to sublet your caravan while you aren’t there the holiday park will usually have a letting system in place. This means that they will sort out the letting for you, and arrange for people to be there when you are not. This is a great idea as this extra income can go towards paying for the site rent and utility charges and even create an extra income for you throughout the year.

With lots of caravans for sale and the chance to make an extra income throughout the year, it’s a great idea to buy a caravan for all your holidays and sublet it when you are not there.

Marine Holiday Park is great Rhyl Holiday Park with lots of Caravans for Sale.

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