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  • Author Monty Alexander
  • Published September 21, 2009
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It is the 21st century and today’s generation is turning out to be much smarter and worldly wise earlier ones. So why should they use a simple phone? For today’s tech savvy generation, a smartphone is what makes things click! The Samsung i637 Jack smartphone is the way forward.

Simple mobile phones have taken a backseat owing to the fast lives of the urban population. Everything has to be lightening fast, right here, right now. It is for this reason that smartphones are considered a convenient way of staying connected, even when we’re on the move. Samsung mobile phones have been ever popular among all age-groups for sheer substance. The new Samsung i637 is more than just a phone. It’s a way of life.

Successor to the Samsung BlackJack II, the new Samsung i637 is more professionally oriented. It is more classy, lighter and offers better features, just what a business professional is looking for. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard with large keys that are easier to use. A pressure sensitive d-pad controller is used in place of the scrollable d-pad pf the BlackJack II. Moreover, you can add a MicroSDHC card for increasing the existing 256MB memory to 16GB of memory.

Launched in association with the AT&T cellular network, the new Samsung mobile features 3G connectivity and runs on a Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. It also features Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Media Player and threaded text messaging. The 3.2 megapixel camera ensures all your pictures are clear and crisp. WiFi technology and the AT&T Navigator is also included.

The QVGA display of this Samsung mobile is fairly large and showcases vibrant colors. The i637 measures 4.4x2.4x0.5 and weighs just about 105.4 gms, so it is sleeker and compact to carry. It offers not just great looks but is high on performance as well. This phone carries a personality of its own that is sure to rub off some charm on its user.

The samsung i637 Jack smartphone can be bought at great discounts from some of the renowned internet shopping portals. It is easier to browse online, since there is more choice to explore and you can easily compare prices of similar products. Moreover, rave reviews by previous customers also help you weigh the pros and cons of the product you wish to buy. So don’t sweat it out, just log on and get the phone you have always wanted!

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