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  • Published November 2, 2009
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Air conditioners are the last resort to get relief from the scorching hot summers. Air conditioners cool the air circulating within the room. Split AC is recommended for the larger areas to be cooled. Window ACs is the good for cooling a small and limited space. If you are planning to install a split AC in your home or office, you have excellent choice of Whirlpool split AC. Whirlpool is a leading global brand in the field of electronics and home appliances. There are millions of consumers who vouch for the quality of Whirlpool products.

Before you buy whirlpool split ac, you should take a look at its marvelous features. These air conditioners offer excellent value for money. Split air conditioners from Whirlpool are designed with latest and advanced technology which is just perfect for Indian summers.

Whirlpool Split AC is equipped with 6th Sense MPFI cooling system. There are 6 circuit designs in the MPFI which enables the quick injection of refrigerant for faster cooling. Normally in other air conditioners, gas is transferred by one capillary which takes longer time to spread within the evaporator coil. But in this AC, multiple capillaries are used to inject the gas which takes less time and less power consumption.

These air conditioners are designed uniquely with Spectrawide Heat Exchangers to ensure better air distribution by maximizing the surface area. It is only with whirlpool split ACS that you do not need stabilizer to start the AC. It can start the compressor even at lower voltages.

Latest Whirlpool Split ACs is designed with unique 6 sense technology which is made possible due to presence of an intelligent microprocessor. They have feature called as Air Flow which helps the AC to selects the right air mode such as cool, fan or dry according to the indoor temperature. Quick cool feature in these devices immediately brings the temperature to 16 degree Celsius for next 30 minutes. A faster stream of cool starts circulating in the room, making it super cool in few minutes.

At night temperatures dip, the 6th sense sleep feature of the air conditioner automatically sets the temperature in the room according to the metabolism of human body. This ensures optimum temperature without letting you feel cold and also saves the power consumption.

When planning to buy air conditioner, look for Online Whirlpool Split AC reviews. It will help you make a wise decision according to your needs and requirements.

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