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  • Author Monty Alexander
  • Published November 2, 2009
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A phone which is essentially a camera! Yes that?s Nokia N73. Experience a phone that will give you the option to use it as full time camera. This phone delivers great pictures and videos as well.

Key Features

Nokia N73 also has full PIM applications with easy access to Outlook, MS Office documents, FM radio, stereo output, email client and a full HTML web browser. The set consists of the handset, battery, USB cable, phone charger, charger adapter, 2GB miniSD memory card, a Nokia HS-23 classic stereo headset, a Nokia AC-4 Stereo headset, wrist strap and a manual.

Executive Features

Nokia N73 is enabled with some really enticing executive features that would assist you in excelling in your professional world. It is equipped with a Quick Office feature Hence, you can read files in MS word, excel and PPT. It also has an Adobe PDF reader.

For hassle free transfer of data, it is enabled with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth has a good speed but it goes slow when transferring bigger files. Apart from this, it also has EGPRS and USB (2.0). Hence, transferring and receiving important files becomes easy.

With the all new Nokia N73, you can access the internet anytime and anywhere you like. This is because; it is enabled with WAP (version 2.0). Hence, you are connected to the whole world. This feature helps you to fulfill your professional commitments in time with the help of the any time access internet.

Entertainment Features

Nokia N73 is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera with 20 x zoom option. This camera has a CMOS sensor. This technology converts incoming light into electrical signals with the help of photosensitive cells. As a result, you get good quality of images. Most of the times, you will find this feature only in a Digital Camera.

It also has an inbuilt flash and video feature. The photographs taken from the cell are really good and even the video is very clear. The credit for this high quality images and videos goes to the Carl Zeiss 2.8/5.6 AF lens which is protected by a black plastic cover when it?s not in use. The image resolution is 300dpi which surpasses a Sony 8mp camera whose resolution is only 75dpi. The camera takes good pictures and its auto focus works well but you?ll need to get used to it. At the beginning it will make you feel odd but after some practice you will get used to it. The wole set also consists of a PictBridge feature which helps you to print your pictures directly from the phone, without t

he mediation of a computer.

The phone comes with a 2GB miniSD memory card, which makes it an excellent choice for all music lovers. The MP3 player also works without the headphones as the phone also has an inbuilt speaker which is quite loud and delivers high definition sound. The music sounds even better when it?s played on the stereo speakers which are better than other single speaker phones. It has a fairly good volume with variable equalizer options. The 2GB memory card is enough for around 30 hours of non-stop music. But this is applicable only when you are not using the phone to make or receive calls.


The Nokia N73 comes with more than 262,144 colors which makes the user confused as which color to use in the display. Its thickness is 19 mm which does not put it into the sleek category. Even the GPRS is slow. The screen is large but the keys are a bit small as compared to other popular mobiles.


All said and done, it?s a good phone to possess which will allow you to capture any memorable moment of your life without being ready for it with a camera.

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