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  • Published December 11, 2009
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LG washing machines are among the most popular home appliances in India. Washing machines have become the essential for managing routine household tasks. Doing laundry is a tedious job which needs lots of energy and time if done by hands. Washing machines are great savior in that sense as they save lot of your time and energy which you can use in other creative jobs. Washing cloth is a necessity which no one can deny. At the same time, with lifestyles getting busier, it is impracticable to wash clothes by hands. With increasing importance of washing machines, it becomes essential to choose a washing machine from a reputed and reliable company.

South Korean company, LG Electronics is the third largest company in the world in the field of manufacturing home appliances. LG is always concerned with the requirements of average consumers worldwide. They develop their products by blending latest technology with the needs of the consumers. LG has a great record of innovation and expertise in consumer care. LG washing machines are considered as the best among all the washing Machines from other brands.

When you are planning to purchase washing machine from LG, you need to decide the type of machine you want to have. LG produces many kinds of machines including front loader, top loader, washer and dryer combo washing machines. These machines are designed with latest technology. For instance, many LG washing machines have the Allergiene technology in them. This technology helps reduce the presence of few allergens like dust mites and domestic animal dander which are present in the clothes. Another interesting feature in some LG machines is Steamfresh features. This feature helps reduce the wrinkles on the clothes and it lessens the requirement to iron the clothes.

LG has always designed products which are energy efficient. Washing machines form this company are energy rated and they use lesser energy when they function at full efficiency. You can expect this advantage from the no-rated machines. For instance, one of its most popular and efficient models is WM2487. It can take 10.1 KG of load and is highly energy efficient as it exceeds the energy star qualification by about 94%. IT uses only 167 kilowatt-hours per year even if used at full capacity. Another LG Washing Machine model is LG WE-8015C which is front-loader. It has a four stars water and energy rating.

Once you purchase a LG washing machine, you can use it for years together. However, you need to maintain it by regularly cleaning and servicing it.

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