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  • Published December 16, 2009
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With lives getting busier, there is increasing importance of advanced home appliances. All of us need gadgets which help reduce our burden of household drudgery. Kitchen is the place where most of the household work is done. You need different kitchen accessories to help you in different kinds of works in the kitchen. A microwave oven is the prefect way to cook the delicious food in matter of minutes. It is likely that you might be using a microwave in your kitchen. If you wan to get rid of your inefficient and old microwave oven, IFB microwave oven can be the best option.

Microwave ovens provided by IFB are designed with latest technology. They are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of various ranges of consumers. There are various kinds of microwave ovens from IFB are provided which have different features.

IFB Microwave ovens are blend of stylish and sleek looks and advanced technology. These microwave ovens have great food capacity and can be operated with a single button. There are features like auto frost and auto cook menu facility. While cooking in IFB microwave oven, you need not worry about burning or over heating of food. This is possible because of the auto reminder feature in these appliances.

IFB offers different ranges of microwave ovens having different features. You need to decide before purchasing whether you want a Solo microwave oven or grille microwave oven or convection microwave oven. Solo microwave oven is perfect if you want only a basic microwave oven. Grille and convection microwave ovens have advanced features. Convection ovens have features like 11 auto cook menus, power grille with Combi-Tec, convection with temperature settings, multi-stage cooking, express cooking, auto reheat, preheat facility in convection, child safety lock. Grille Microwave ovens from IFB have features like clock timer, 10 auto cook menus, power grill with Combi-Tec, auto defrost, child safety lock, grill. Convection ovens have more features.

Multistage cooking in IFB Microwave oven provides you with the options like grilling, thawing, baking. Speed defrost lets you thaw the frozen food within seconds. If you have small children in your home, child safety lock is great help. Auto cook programs let cook Indian as well continental and more food with equal ease.

All the microwave ovens from IFB have a warranty period. This is a gesture to create trust in the brand. If you face any problem with your product in this period you contact the service centre of the company and get it repaired. After-sales service from IFB is excellent.

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