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  • Published December 18, 2009
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An air conditioner is a much coveted commodity in the regions where there is hot and humid atmosphere. Among all the air conditioner types, window air conditioners are very popular. To install these air conditioners, you need an opening or window in the wall. Also there should be open space behind the wall as the machinery of the air conditioner protrudes behind that opening. Window air conditioners can be used at any kind of spaces. You can use it anywhere like living room, study room, bedroom or others.

If you want to fit an air conditioner, you need to make a slot for it in the room which you want to cool. In addition to the slot in the room, it also needs at least two feet space in back side. When it runs it throws out hot air coming from condenser, hence there should be free space to circulate that hot air. In addition to heat, it dissipates waste water also. You also need to make some arrangement to direct that waste water.

Window AC is equipped with many components such as condenser, compressor, expansion coil or expansion valve and cooling coil. It also contains a motor having shafts on both sides. A blower is connected to one of the shafts, and it sucks hot air from the room. Thus air is blown over the cooling coil which cools and it send to the room. Other shaft has a fan connected to it which blows air over the Freon gas in the condenser.

If you have a room or the space to be cooled less than 100 sq. ft, a window air conditioner is the perfect choice for cooling it. A window air conditioner is cheapest of all the air conditioning systems. Again for a room less than 100 sq. ft., you can install a window air conditioner of about 0.8 ton is quite perfect.

A 1.5 ton window air conditioner is quite good for rooms of bigger sizes but less than 300 sq. ft. Other factor which also affects your selection as to capacity of the air conditioner is the number of people occupying the space. More is the number of people sharing the same space; more the cooling capacity is required. If your room is facing sun directly and also has other sources of heat inside the room, you need more of cooling capacity.

Earlier window AC used to have one problem. They used to make noise while running but this problem is solved because of the less noisy and more efficient compressors. Window ACs has become more stylish to fit the decor of your modern home.

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