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  • Author Jesse Regan
  • Published December 19, 2009
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Catching a disease does not happen because you are just unfortunate. This is a reality you doctor must have explained. What is unfortunate is that when this was just a warning, you may have never tried enough to make changes in the unhealthy habits that caused it. If such habits, especially in your diet, have been acquired and practiced through the years, breaking it is quite grueling. With unhealthy food easily purchased and eaten, it can be an issue of convenience rather than health.

Nevertheless, you should get over your own lame excuses and eat healthily to avoid serious sicknesses such as the dreaded cancer. Listen and obey to every word your physician tells you about what to eat. Rid yourself of the eating habits and learn what kind of food can prevent your fall into the list of persons most likely to contract fatal diseases. The rule is easy: keep a check on your diet and prevent ailments. If not, you may as well find yourself a reliable health insurance coverage.

The initial step can be hard, which is to quit eating food that are processed and are rich in nothing but sugar and fat. Process foods may seem to satisfy your hunger but it also gives your body free radicals in generous amounts. Too many dairy and fatty items like pork and fried food unload bad cholesterol into your cardiovascular system and drag you near to a heart disease. Having a sweet tooth, on the other hand, makes you an applicant for diabetes.

Of course, you still have to eat but, this time, only those healthy foods. Your most favored entrées should be made of veggies and fruits. These are great sources of antioxidants, which keeps a check on the free radicals you have acquired from the environment. These are also abundant in phyto nutrients. These consist of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary in protecting your body from hazardous viruses and germs.

Meanwhile, you should avoid obesity by eating foods that do not contain too much sugar and fat. However, you should be able to distinguish those with good cholesterol too. This would lead you to eat fish instead of pork, beef and chicken, which loaded with unsaturated fat and bad cholesterol. If you cannot help eating snacks and deserts, have fruits rich in fiber and vitamin C instead of pastries and chocolate bars, which may offer nothing but sugar and more sugar.

Just like everyone else who just started, you would think the change is cruel. However, if you do not want to hear your doctor tell you undesirable news and filch you with the medical bills later, then you should do it. Always put in mind that preventing a disease is nobody’s responsibility, not even the doctor’s but yours. By making sure that you have a healthy diet today, you erase the chances of living a shorter and sickly life.

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