Free NBA Picks and Free NFL Picks and the Art of Basketball and Football Prediction

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  • Author Gene Schwerman
  • Published January 8, 2010
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Free NBA Picks and Free NFL Picks are readily available on the internet. Winning free NBA picks and winning NFL picks are much less readily found as you might surmise or perhaps have personally discovered. To be sure, there are actually lots of free winning Picks posted every day across the net, but which sites have more winners than losers? Of the sites that regularly post free picks, which have the higher winning percentages? The real truth is the very best way to discover which sites offer the best free sports picks, is to track the picks and the wins from several sites and then compare the percentages. Sites that offer free sports picks allow you to do this for free if you have some patience.

There are also sports monitor sites which claim to impartially track these percentages for you. They might be a place to start looking for the higher percentage wins from NBA picks or NFL picks but how do you know these sports monitors have no affiliations with any of the sports betting sites they list? As usual, if you want something done right; do it yourself. Perhaps you follow the NBA regularly and have already tried making your own NBA picks but just weren't running a good enough winning percentage.

So, you select several sports betting sites that look good and first make your own selections, then use the sports betting sites free picks to check your own picks. Lets say you choose six sports betting site which offer free picks every day for basketball predictions. If they offer one free NFL pick per day when there is football being played and one free basketball pick each day there are basketball games going on, in a couple of weeks you can see which sites have the highest percentage of free winning picks.

Now you want to discard the site with the worst percentage and try a new site and begin tracking your winning picks there. If you can find a site with at least 58% wins or more on average you have a distinct advantage. If you have a site that gives you about 60% winning NFL picks but only 48% winning NBA picks over several weeks, maybe you have found a good NFL handicapper who doesn't know basketball predictions nearly as well.

The point is, if you look at enough sites, and continue throwing out the ones with the worst picks percentages, eventually you should be able to find a good consistent handicapper or even two and have a distinct advantage with your free sports picks. Once you identify this kind of an advantage, it is pretty safe to assume if the free picks are good the paid picks won't be any worse, hey, you might have even found a free sports picks expert! They are out there. It would be very unlikely to get worse paid picks than free picks so now try the paid picks and see if you can become one of those rare regular sports betting winners.

Gene Schwerman is the founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique Website Design. Truly Unique works on websites of all varieties; their clients may offer products and services ranging from Sports Handicapping to Free Sports Picks.

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