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  • Author Charles Lamm
  • Published February 23, 2010
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Wordpress promised to make online business better. To some degree, it has. Instead of the initial sleek, robust tools it is morphing into bloat ware with thousands of plugins, themes, and settings. To promote affiliate product reviews and expand my online business business, I was forced to convert to Affiliate Genie.

And I'm happy I did.

For some time, Chris Rempel has dedicated his efforts to turning affiliate marketing from a crap shoot into a science. His system in a nutshell is this:

  • determine keywords in niche markets that appeal to desperate customers who are geared up to buy* write reviews for the affiliate items that satisfy those buyers' requirements

use organic search engine optimization(SEO) to list high in the search engine results pages(SERPs)

  • get those desperate eyeballs on your review when those purchasers have their plastic cards in hand* help the buyer solve the problem

CR's primary theory is that you don't want your site to display up early in the purchasing cycle when people are collecting knowledge, but rather, at the end of the cycle when they're choosing which widget is suitable for them.

A Dozen Excellent Reasons to Slap Wordpress and Switch All of Your Affiliate Marketing to Affiliate Genie.

  1. Keeps your eye on the prize. Affiliate Genie has everything you need to structure an excellent product review or ordinary article- and nothing more. All the elements you need such as title, affiliate link, product description, product research, star rating system, key phrases, and page description are in the fill in template. You cannot save a review if any of the components are missing.

  2. Disclaimers built into your template. The FTC has new regulations regarding what an affiliate marketer or blogger must perform to avoid fines and additional civil penalties. Lite versions are incorporated along with web pages where you can post your personal, extensive privacy policy and legal disclaimers.

  3. Build your pages right on the site. No FTP necessary, except to upload the files to your domain or subdomain.

  4. TinyMCE. Simple to build pages using popular TinyMCE(Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor- platform- independent web- based JavaScript/HTML WYSIWYG editor) .

  5. Active capacity of PHP without the risks associated with MySQL. No database to corrupt.

  6. One click backup. Affiliate Genie enables you to back up your entire website with one click. AG creates a zip file that you can download to any computer.

  7. Mobility. If you need to move a website, take your backup, unzip it, then upload to your different domain. You are able to move a large website in under 5 minutes, including backups. This is especially handy if someone purchases your domain.

  8. Promo Link. At the top of every web page, you have the option of including a special promo. If you find a popular affiliate program, you change one file, and you are now advertising a hot product over ALL of your pages without having to edit the template.

  9. Social Media. Built into the system are 20 plus social bookmarking as well as social networking links making promotion a snap.

  10. Stable. Wordpress is constantly being updated. New features are added that can render the best plugins worthless. AG is based on solid HTML that works everywhere.

  11. Function over beauty. Even though you can change the native CSS files to change colors and fonts, you don't have to. No one uses the default WP theme anymore, unless they are totally lazy. Do not squander your time designing or hunting down a fresh theme. Web pages load faster without all of the add- ons.

  12. No distractions. The whole purpose of an online business website is making money. Locate a niche community of buyers. Give them the solution to their troubles at the proper time. Let another person show them the bells and whistles.

If you have experience not making money with your Wordpress blogs, you owe it to yourself to try Affiliate Genie for yourself. You will kick yourself later.

Charles Lamm - retired attorney, junkyard philosopher, amateur anarchist - now chooses to make his living online from wherever he happens to be. For more on Affiliate Genie and other Internet marketing tools, visit his site at: ChazL.com

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