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  • Published April 30, 2007
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Find out the pros and cons of eyelash dye.

Why not take the plunge and get those pale lashes darkened.

So voila - Eyelash Dye.

There are also times when wearing mascara is out of the question. For instance if you are swimming or going to the gym and you still want to look good.

Lets face it, if your eye lashes are fair your eyes could look 'piggy' (ie small) and you're not going to look your best. Are you?

If you thinking about dyeing your lashes you'll read lots about the dangers of the procedure. Well let me tell you, I've often had it done and guess what? No problems. As long as you go to a good reputable salon you will be OK

What you must never do is try it at home. The risks just are not worth it. It's too near your eyes to take chances If you decide that you really do want to do this at home, possibly because of cost or convenience, please understand that you will almost certainly never get professional results. It's like comparing most things done by a professional. They are usually 150% times better- even something as apparently simple as painting a wall will look better when a professional does it, i.e. streaks, runs, not enough preparation etc etc. etc. - need I go on.

The Advantages of Eyelash Dye

No need to wear mascara Great if you're allergic to mascara. Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning with beautiful dark silky lashes? Fabulous for holidays when you are on the beach and in the sea.

The Disadvantages of Eyelash Dye

Cost, although compares favorably with many other beauty treatments. The inconvenience of going to a salon. It's not permanent and has to be renewed regularly.

Do your own research if you are still worried. All I can say that is you follow all the guidelines you ever read on what to do and what not to do in your life you will never do a thing.

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