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  • Published March 6, 2010
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How often do you notice a beautiful car, stop to stare, notice the badge on its bonnet... and take a moment to bask in its glory?

You may be a maniacal lover of cars, able to recognize a good car at a glance and even name its make, model and specifications just by hearing the engine note. But for many people, the sticker is what lends the final confirmation to an identification. When the Porsche is named as a Porsche, it gains an extra bit of value.

For owners who identify themselves with their cars, there is no substitute for that branded badge on the coat lapel, unless it is the branded sticker adorning the main door.

While some people leave just the badge on the bonnet as a subtle reminder of a car's legacy, there are others who prefer a giant sticker all over the rear window. Sometimes, the statement being made depends on the car itself. While some models lend themselves to a laid-back, sophisticated decoration, others exude as much brashness as charisma - demanding to be seen, heard and admired.

Badges can be used on many key points of a car. The bonnet badges are the most common among these. They may have precious metal finishes, as well as embossing or engravings. True bonnet badges come with a rubber gasket and two nuts, and are nailed onto the bonnet.

Stick-on badges are also easily available, for use either on the bonnet, on the sides or dashboard... or anywhere in the interior or outer surface of the car that strikes the owner's fancy. Even the number plate can be decorated with tiny stickers, proclaiming the fact that this Porsche's identity far transcends its registration number.

Not all badges or stickers are the crest-shaped, old-world articles that you would associate with a branded badge. From satin aluminium to chrome, badges are available in many different finishes, from which you can select one based on your preference and your car's decor. Matching one's lapel badge or sew-on badge with a bonnet logo can create a style statement that people won't forget in a hurry.

Side decals and interior badges should never be left out of the consideration when thinking about car decorations. Available in a multitude of colours - though most often in black, silver and white - they are an eye-catching ornament to your wheeled beauty. The glove compartment, dashboard, side panel and bonnet are some popular sites to place creative or branded decals on.

With stickers, badges, crests, decals and logos, you can decorate a Porsche to make it turn heads everywhere it goes. Just don't lose your head in the bargain - make sensible decisions, and don't go on visual overload.


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