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  • Published March 13, 2010
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With all the numerous MLM Network Marketing companies that have been coming out recently, you probably have heard about the Numis Network. I doubt it if you haven't as this new company is currently experiencing its extreme growth in the network marketing industry.

What exactly is the Numis Network? From the word numismatics which means the study or collecting of coins and money, Numis is indeed about collecting coins. Yes, coins. Founded by the leaders of network marketing and direct sales industry, Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian, Numis Network is a company built on the concept of investing in collectible silver and gold coins that grow valuable in time. It is the first to establish an MLM home-based business through precious metal coins. It has allowed a massive amount of people who have passion in collecting coins earn good income through network marketing, even the real everyday people. This concept has made its way through the network marketing world. Just imagine a regular pastime turning into a reasonable income. As the value of US dollars drop, precious metals like silver and gold remains on top. And that is why numismatics industry is making its place to the top too.

What about the product, you may ask. Numis Networks offers an outside of ordinary opportunity to preserve wealth by investing in high-grade silver and gold coins from the world's leading government mints. The Numis Network coins compose only of those with the highest quality silver and gold. Those are graded and analyzed by the most reliable coin grading services, namely the ANACS, the NGC, and the PGCS. These rare collectible coins which do not lose their worth yet grow more valuable as time passes by. Not only this, coins offered by Numis Network are no doubt certified and are valued all over the world. Having said this, Numis Network proves its legitimacy and credibility. Unlike some may have thought, Numis Network is definitely not a scam.

Should you ask about the compensation, the Numis Network offers a very popular and unique compensation plan which we so call a binary system. You earn commissions made on sales from the website. Commissions on people who order more coins and an even more commission from people who sign-up in the auto-shipment program. As mentioned, Numis Network makes use of the combined power of network marketing and direct sales; however, there are two types of customer: the retail customer and the preferred customer. Retail Customers are the ones who purchase straight from the Numis Representative's site and pay by retail prices. Preferred Customers are those who are either business builders or representatives themselves. This type of customer is entitled for discounted prices through purchasing directly from the website. Also, getting into the auto ship collector program qualifies them for these discounts. The auto-shipment program is a training program with options provided by Numis Network. Numis Network compensation is indeed unique as it offers a brand new way of earning income yet generous in its own way.

The Numis Network aims to make network marketing be of use to create legions of business individuals. So, in place of the typical products we see in the market nowadays, it would make deeper sense to actually invest in something that doesn't lose its value yet grows much more valuable as time goes by. In the world of entrepreneurship, people always look for something they would enjoy doing yet would highly profit them. That is where Numis network comes in. Switching a mere hobby to an absolute income-earner, Numismatics will definitely create a stampede to the network marketing globe.

In general, Numis Network is a great company for an individual to engage in. Aside from the fact that it is a company with good credibility, it is also a good form of opportunity for you to attain financial success. But then, if you want to secure your success with the said company, you have to secure yourself first with the right knowledge and skills in marketing for you to be able to sponsor about 10 to 20 reps a month in a kind of company like Numis Network. Yes, it is your knowledge and skills which will be your main key to succeed. So seeking help from an expert in the field of marketing is one great step for you to take.

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