Patient Education is Important in Cosmetic Dentistry Success

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  • Published May 8, 2007
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There are a number of key points when considering cosmetic dentistry. Choosing a dentist with the skill that matches your dental needs can make the difference between success and a great disappointment. Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, has twenty years forging the high-tech path of dentistry.

First, you must consider your dentist’s credentials and what kind of continuing education they take. With the super-highway of high-tech dentistry at full speed, it’s very important they are able to take advantage of the newest tools for their patients. You can also verify their license via the internet.

The color chosen for your veneers, crowns, caps, bridge or implants must be either matched to your existing teeth or your teeth must be whitened to match your new teeth. Teeth are naturally polychromatic, and color variation is important in avoiding fake or artificial looking teeth. How the light plays on the teeth is affected by the internal contrast of colors that help create a very real and vital look to the teeth.

Surface texture is also very important, and helps to break up light reflections and make the veneers, crowns, caps, bridges or implants look more natural. You should check on the web to learn more about selecting the best shade of whiteness for your smile.

Dr. Maddahi stresses the importance of regular teeth cleaning and the function of teeth whitening. “Stains on teeth, discolorations and dullness can be caused by coffee, red wine, cigarettes, and even green tea. Also aging and chemicals can cause visual damage to your teeth. Tooth dullness or staining is an indication that whitening should be considered. Smokers and those who drink coffee and tea on a regular basis increase the discoloration process and may need cleaning and whitening more often.”

Missing teeth can be handled with several appliances these days. A common solution is to build a bridge between two teeth. Also, implants are now commonly used for this. Check with your dentist for the newest solutions available to you. Jagged teeth can be reshaped (contouring) and often can be done with no anesthesia. If a tooth is slightly decayed or chipped, then a composite resin that matches the tooth may be bonded onto the area. Bonding may also be used to cover the entire outside of a tooth to change the color and shape or to close spaces between teeth.

“Understanding your choices in dentistry is important for a patient.”, says Dr. Maddahi. “I try to spend as much time as needed with my patients discussing options before moving forward with a plan.”

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, has been specializing in creating beautiful, natural smiles for 20 years and is located in Beverly Hills at 436 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 202 and can be reached at 310-888-7797.

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