Create an Online Employee Friendly Project Management Office with Web Based Project Management Software


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  • Published April 3, 2010
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Many companies’ depends on Project Management Offices to centralize management activities. Just as companies have to alter some of their processes and work-flow to accustom web working, Offices have to be put on the front of those alterations to manage company projects so that it successful achieve the projects goals and objectives.

Let us discuss some points if you are trying to build online employees friendly Project Management Office to organize and manage geographically scattered employees, clients and partners:

Share Projects data Online safely. The sharing of project data has been a continuing matter in the project management tools; it becomes more important as teams leave the limits of the office compartments. Office needs to become more refined communicators of project status data (including schedules, task, milestones and client requirements) and team at every level of the project from the "employee bee" all the way up to the executive stakeholder. The aim is that the information has to be clear logical and understandable by everyone, that means that views of project data cannot always be shared just by using a Gantt chart.

Move Communications outside the Email Inbox. It is prove to be a key feature for online collaboration software. While email is a customary and mostly used form of communication it does no good as a repository for project documents. Even if you can not convince your team to use online collaboration tools, you encourage them to maintain documents in online in a centrally-accessible place. Email notification or reply by thread is the best examples for incorporating the email feature into project management software.

Implement New Project Management Tools. Microsoft Office and spreadsheets are customary project system tools but more favorable to project teams which are working in one roof or compartment. The web is the future for online project handling tools – Online project services are all examples of web-based tools that are reasonable, powerful, easy to use and help to promote team collaboration.

Reorganize Meetings. Meetings are always being unfavorable to output, and put forward to suggest that meetings will have to change in shape, priority, format and technology. Online project collaboration software provides a better alternative to time and budget consuming meeting like online chat for real-time meetings, plus the tools to records those meetings for later reference.

Since Office entering a new age of online web working, the old method need to give way to new tools, processes and working styles to ensure the success of the team and timely project delivery.

Remember corporate culture, not technology, drives online collaboration and the web project management software is in a position to ensure geographically-dispersed project teams have the framework, leadership and tools they need in globally working environment

What are your tips for building a web worker friendly project management office? Share them below.

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