Acne: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

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  • Author Erin Nicholson
  • Published May 9, 2007
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From the age of 12 I got my first spot, great I thought, I am finally becoming a woman, this was the start of the journey……….I was GROWING UP! Fast forward 6 years to my 18th birthday, all my mates gathered around my cake, they’re laughing a joking, with their boyfriends arms wrapped around they’re slender figures, kissing them on their perfect skin. I was standing there on my own as always with tears in my eyes, a few stone overweight due to my inability to leave the house. I STILL had spots, not just any spots but that spot that I was overwhelmed with six years previous had developed into a horrific case of acne. “It’s not horrific and you’re not hideous” my mom used to say to me but it was to me and I definitely was to other people. Most teenagers used to spend their weekends partying, drinking on the streets and having a laugh with boys. I spent my teenage years in my room watching DVD’s and eating enough food to feed the army for a year. I tried hundreds of different chemicals on my face to peel the skin to supposedly reveal beautiful, clear skin underneath, if it was that easy don’t you think acne would be non-existent in youths today. Acne is classed as a disease……………A DISEASE. Imagine sending thousands of teenagers to school everyday with a common acne problem and market it as a disease…………….AND THEY EXPECT OTHER KIDS NOT TO USE THIS AGAINST US. THEY CALLED ME EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN BECAUSE OF PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, YOUR GP AND THE GOVERNMENT MARKET ACNE AS A DISEASE!!! I hated every minute of my pathetic teenage years. Most people don’t realise what it’s like to despise a whole portion of your life, six years completely gone.

I am now 23 years of age, engaged to be married this autumn. I am now able to look into the mirror and see what my fiancé has been telling me he has seen for the past three years. I have lost all that weight and my skin is finally as clear as crystal. You see, after using all those chemicals on my face I realised that they only made it WORSE……….I WAS PUTTING CHEMICALS ON MY FACE FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, WOULD YOU PUT CHEMICALS ON YOUR SKIN TO CURE A RASH????? NO! So I decided to look around on the internet to see if there were any natural remedies around and I came across a few e-books on the internet CLAIMING to cure acne. So I started to spend my cash on some e-books to see what they really had to say for themselves and I have to say they spoke the biggest loads of tripe I have ever read in my entire life, no actual product or information, just sales page to sales page and link after link to another link. After spending the best part of £500 over the course of 6 months I FINALLY stumbled across one that gave me hope. I came across just ONE man, not a corporation, not a sales man, just your average guy who had suffered just as I had. Through loads of research and trial and error he had found the best advice for treating acne and SOLD me (yes I wasn’t too happy about this) he SOLD me the information for me to put into practice. Once of his trial and error cases actually cleared there acne in about 3 days I think it was (don’t read too much into that as we all now this was a very freak case). It actually took nine months for my acne to clear up using this guys method, can’t remember his name but I will find it out and put it on the bottom of this article. If you choose to view the site then don’t read too much into the sales page as this guy appears to have turned into a salesman lol but the information is still the same. If you choose to purchase the information then please please please be very patient with it, it will work eventually but you need determination and discipline and (I know a lot of you out there won’t have much of this at the moment) but you need self-confidence and motivation, if you have all these attributes then I hope you will follow my advice.

A lot of you will wonder why I’m taking the time to write a lengthy article about treating acne……………..very good question. I know what it’s like to suffer from acne and it’s the most self destroying, spirit crushing experience a teenager can ever go through so I offer my experiences as a chance to get your life back the way you want it.

Once again I hope you take my advice, still can’t remember the guys name but the information is available on the health section of

I am a legal executive from London. I am now 23 and after an unhappy childhood I would like to share my pain and experiences with teenagers which could hopefully be a motivational article. I got my advice and products from

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