7 Steps to Prepare Your Organization for the Future


  • Author Rachel Clarkson
  • Published March 30, 2010
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An outdated organization will not fare well in the rapidly changing business climates of today. A business must be constantly renewing and refreshing their methods and practices. Leaders, managers, business consulting firms, and business coaches all agree that companies must do today those things that will pave the way for business success tomorrow. If your organization is falling behind, consider taking these actions towards improvement.

Think Global

The days are long gone where business and new clients came only from the local neighborhood. With technology changing as rapidly as it is, the world is now an open marketplace. Businesses must work to make their products and services appealing to customers around the globe.

Stay Current

As technologies and procedures change, business practices must change too. Keep on top of trends in the marketplace and in your industry both at home and around the world.


Falling behind is often a result of failing to spend sufficient time and money on developing your business. Try not to look at money spent on training, development and technology as costs but rather as investments that will help improve your financial future.

Embrace Change

It's an extremely competitive business world. Competing will often require change. While change can be frightening and always involves risk, it is a necessary component of progress. The path to change is a much easier road to follow if it is looked upon as an adventure rather than a threat. As a leader, manager or coach, your attitude towards change will be the one taken on by your employees, clients or co-workers. Set a good example and everyone will march forward into new territory with a positive attitude.

Acknowledge the Good

A business' best assets are its people, most importantly those who are on board with moving into the future. Learn to recognize those employees who are willing to change, learn, grow and participate. These are the people to reward, train and invest in as part of the company's future.

Discard the Bad

There will always be some employees who don't want to change. A business can spend huge amounts of time, money and energy trying to convince these diehards to move with them into the future, often to no avail. Being a future contender in the global marketplace may mean finding ways to move these folks out of the company.

Fight Complacency

Oddly enough, the successes so rigorously pursued, are often what most hold us back. Why mess with something when it's going good? But such an attitude can often impede future growth and future successes. Too often a business will unknowingly fall farther and farther behind its competitors while basking in its present success. To quote the eloquent Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes: "The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving."

A clear and determined focus on moving ahead, embracing change and a positive approach to continuous learning will help any business become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

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