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  • Author Neil Davidson
  • Published April 4, 2010
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The financial crisis brought recruitment at many companies to a screeching halt. As the economy begins to pick up, many of us are left without enough young consultants to match the number of experienced senior staff.

It’s important to have the right mix of senior and junior people in an organisation, for example, senior consultants may not be thrilled with the prospect of being assigned to tasks that they consider minor or trivial.

Resource Planning

At Maconomy we’re looking to speed up the process of turning fresh candidates into valuable consultants who can be assigned to projects and start billing their time. This won’t be a walk in the park for the graduates we select. They will have completed three to six years of education, but won’t yet have the tangible experience and knowledge to be immediately valuable for a potential employer. Of course, taking on a graduate is a real investment, so we have an interest in getting them up to speed quickly and giving them the hands-on experience they need.

Maconomy is now recruiting recent graduates and people with up to two years’ experience. The successful candidates will complete a new training programme that includes e-learning courses, classroom training and on-the-job training supported by a personal mentor.

The Talent Search

We will be recruiting across six countries, with the successful candidates meeting at our head office in Copenhagen for training, offering them a great chance to get together and share their experiences. With resource management and team management being a key part of Maconomy’s software we know that our induction processes are the best they can be.

We are looking for versatile graduates with a master’s or bachelor’s degree in business, IT or accounting with a positive attitude and dynamic personality.. For Maconomy, the decisive factor is knowledge of business economics rather than 'hard' IT skills such as programming.

Our goal is to increase the graduate’s knowledge of our products, how to implement them, and what it takes to be a good consultant. We know that the role of the consultant is not always an easy one. You have to learn how to work together with the clients and lead them in the right direction. So we won’t just assign a new graduate to a complex consulting job, don’t worry!

Neil Davidson, Managing Director of Maconomy UK

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