Knowing Your Skin and Get Rid of Acne

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  • Author Charley Hwang
  • Published May 10, 2007
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Our skin is the largest area that covers the body us making how you feel inside important. Our diet, climate, environment, stress, hormone levels, age and genetic condition can have effect on our skin. The skin can influence us in terms of confidence and our interaction with people around us. This will also affect us which will affect our skin.

It is important for us to look for the best skin products that suit our face and our skin also can be the factor that affects the skin products. Both of this is inter related to each other thus we have to understand both in order to find the best solution for our skin. Exercise can affect one’s complexion, thus our daily routine can be affect our skin. Some expert recommends not sharing facial cleanser as this can have different effect on different skin.

What does skin care products usually do? Do they burn through our skin and kill the bacteria? Usually skin cares products help to clean, moisturize, revitalize, protect your skin and help to relax. Therefore, from the point we start using the facial cleanser, we need to observe and understand how our skin works and our food intake too. Knowing our skin is the key to healthy and easy skin care. Sometimes we hear from people saying that their skin is oily, sensitive, dry, and normal or combination of lots of them can be quite hard to control. Our forehead, cheek, chins and nose area is called the T-zone. These areas have more oil glands then any other parts of our body and need to be treated with different formula to stop overproduction of oil.

For severe case of acne problems, a set of products that treat different areas of your face is required and sometimes different product for the same area. Our skin changes with the seasons and we also have to be more sensitive to look for changes in our skin condition. It’s important that the right skin care products and routine to be discovered.

There are several important skin care rules that apply to us which can affect our skin indirectly without our notice. Protect our skin from sunlight is an important note to take as the sun will damage our skin. Always put sunscreen on your face and body before going out and enjoy the sun but remember to wait for 15 minutes for the sunscreen to take effect.

Smoking can cause serious damage to your skin whether u are a secondary or primary smoker. Besides damaging your internal organs, it also will breakdown the elastic fibers of your skin and promote artificially yellowish looking skin.

It is a good practice to know your skin and deal with it before the acne strikes and be aware of the changes on your face. Do the necessary action to destroy the acne and live a peaceful life.

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