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  • Author Marquis Van De Mark
  • Published April 8, 2010
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Most all accepted that blogs, once a weird and unfamiliar concept ridiculed by the commercial sector, are here to stay. Not only that, but we're finally coming to terms with the fact that blogs aren't necessarily just online conversations. Rather, they represent a valuable internet resource that people can turn to for politics, breaking stories, opinions, and expertise. For this reason, blog advertising is something you might want to consider in order to promote your business.

Bloggers usually fill a particular blogging interest niche. For example, some may cater to politics and opinions. Others may focus explicitly on a particular type of product, such as printers or whitegoods. It only follows that the readers of these blogs have a particular interest in whatever the topicfocus area is. In addition, if a particular product is advertised on a blog~site}, it usually represents an endorsement from a respected and authoritative source. These are the sorts of bloggers you should consider approaching when considering blog promotion.

First, consider the particular niche that you fill. Do you sell a product, or perhaps a service? Try to analysis the area into which it would (relate~fall}. Then search for blogs that serve this particular niche. While you want to ensure that you're targeting those most suited to your product, you'll also want to ensure that you're targeting blogs that have a substantial readership. This will provide you with a better likelihood of your blog advertising paying off. If the blog already visibly contains advertising, it likely means that they're open to being approached about promoting particular products or services. However, if the site is ad free, you might be able to get a good deal on being the sole sponsor!

Now that you've selected the blogs that you'd like to approach, you might want to consider the particular type of advertising you want to participate in. Banner style ads at the top of a web page tend to be quite popular. So are smaller ads that tend to be posted in the sidebars or a webpage. However, blatant 'click me' advertising isn't the only sort of blog advertising available. There are more subtle ways that you can promote your site, business, or product through advertising on a blog. For example, if you sell a product or service, perhaps ask if a blogger would be interested in reviewing what you have to offer on their website. Another option is to sponsor a particular post or section of a website, or to see if you can offer your service or product as a prize in a contest run on the blog. All of these are legitimate forms of blog advertising, but just with a slightly different emphasis.

Targeting the highly ranked, respected bloggers who specialize in your area, and be flexible in the types of blog advertising you're happy to engage in. By doing so, you'll be able to promote your product or service to a new and wider audience.

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