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  • Published April 17, 2010
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Consumers are the main key to any organization. If you don’t have any consumers then you would not have any revenue. Any problems that a consumer comes across should be taken care first. Only then you can gain the consumer support. Any loyal consumer will always prefer you organization. Thus you create a brand value. Spending small amount of money for the consumer is just an investment for your organization. I have come across very few organizations which puts consumers in front of themselves. Instinct wise I am always loyal to such organization.

You must have come across this quotation "A happy customer tells one friend and an unhappy customer tells everyone". That’s how all human minds work. Bad experience lingers in the mind for a long time. There are plenty of times I have had bad experiences with many organization. I never feel like going back there again. So consumer feedback is very important. When any consumer has a good experience in your organization, they will definitely come back. You should show a lot of importance to the consumer. I remember going to a particular jewelry shop. The way they treated me was amazing, they let me try out one of their most expensive piece of jewelry even though they know I cannot afford it. I felt really nice shopping over there. I spent twice the amount I would have actually spent otherwise. I never realized that I spend so much till I got out of the store. You can say that I was mesmerized. They had a very good consumer support. They treated everyone the same way. They saw everyone as a potential consumer. There are some shops where when I ask them I want to see something, they show attitude and pretend they did not hear me. They know I cannot afford it but it doesn’t mean I cannot afford anything. In such places even if I like something, I would never purchase it over there. So the important key factor is to treat consumers as King.

Always have a good rapport with the consumers. Having a good rapport will break the ice and the consumer will become friendlier towards you and your organization. Always have good promotions to all of your loyal consumers. They will definitely start feeling really important. It is more like sucking up to the consumers. But that is how you gain business. You should never discriminate one consumer to another. There are always rich consumers and normal ones. Giving more preferences to the richer ones is a very bad thing. You should respect and treat everyone equally.

Always have a separate department for consumer support. Any grievances of the consumers must have ears to fall on. Any problem that is registered must be immediately rectified. When a consumer gets back with a problem try and resolve them immediately. Even if the problem cannot be rectified from you side, try and direct them to the appropriate people. It would be greatly appreciated by anyone. The consumers will become more loyal. Some organizations do not help the consumers if they know they are not going to be benefitted by it. These kinds of attitude will turn off most consumers. Then the years of pleasing and building the rapport with the consumers is wasted. Even if you do not know how to get help for the consumers at least you should try or show the consumers that you are trying, this act will be greatly appreciated.

Consumer’s feedback is an important factor. The comments given by the consumers will help you develop your organization. These comments are really valuable. They are the things which the consumers expect from your organization. Keep the comments from the feedback as your guidelines and build your organization. You will be on the positive growth of your organization. The more number of loyal consumers that you have better your business will be. Keep your consumers happy to keep your business roaring!

I am Krithika Sathyaraj working for consumerdaddy website. We write many blogs and articles to create consumer awareness. Consumerdaddy is a leading consumer protection portal in India with consumer reports for over 40,000 companies and 200,000 products.

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