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  • Author Melissa Reejane
  • Published April 25, 2010
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Britain is facing its worst financial crisis of any advanced nation. All around us the papers and TV are filled with gloom and doom that this brings. We ask ourselves- when will it end? Will it all be okay? For sure many staff, including yours, is feeling very anxious about not only the global situation, but more personally about how it affects their own situation, in particular their employment prospects and security.

It strikes us that at some point many companies, small medium or large, who have managed to survive in this economic climate , will start to fight back against the bad news and thereby start to help their employees begin their own individual fight back. After all, employees are the lifeblood of a company and are their number one asset, without whom success is unachievable.

However, this change can only be accomplished by communicating this new positive attitude to employees- is it that time now?

If it is, then we at Kaleidoscope Events can help you deliver this message. We are not a training company nor are we a consultancy, we are a very successful motivational teambuilding company who are proposing to help you organise a staff briefing, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate positive messages of your company to your employees. Notify your staff members of the challenges ahead for all of you and explain how they can be a part of the team by contributing and giving that extra need. Finish this by giving then a pop talk by the top management and follow it with some fun challenges to help cement the message.

At Kaleidoscope we have devised a number of "boxed" challenges that can run simply at your offices which will help reinforce the message that all is fine and all will be fine. The message must surely be "we will not only survive but we will thrive" and during these uncertain times, we can come out of it stronger and more successful.

So take a chance and open the box! Grab bigger benefits and rewards for you and your company- most of all your staff. Continue the growth and success by using our team building exercises.

For more details on Kaleidoscope Team Building and to download a FREE brochure please contact Kaleidoscope on 0845 034 9632

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