Natural Breast Enlargement through Herbs

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  • Published May 23, 2007
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God has no doubt made women beautiful. Not only by her face but also by the body. Those curves in the women body can drive any body crazy. Women with a properly shaped and proportionate body are really attractive. Her breast and buttocks contribute to the hour class body that is just intoxicating. Good-sized breast are very attractive and also enhances the beauty of a women.

But there are some women who by some reason are not able to attain proper sized breast. This disproportioned breast size as compared to her body makes her less attractive and it’s a fact that no one pays attention to her their by her beauty is being disgraced. It’s really painful for women when she is not praised for her beauty and is ignored by many.

There have been many surgical techniques now days by which one can increase the size of breast. But to be frank this is not that safe and involves greater risk.

Then what is the solution for treating this problem?

Ayurveda, an age-old science has a solution for it. There have been various herbs that help in promoting the growth of breast tissue in the most natural way making them proportionate to the body. Below are some of the herbs that are very helpful in increasing the breast size in the most natural way.

· Fenugreek – fenugreek is an ayurvedic herb that is very effective in increasing the size of the breast. As in general it is also very helpful in treating the various ailments like throat related problems, indigestion, increasing the breast size and increasing the milk secretion in lactating mothers. The chemical constituents of the fenugreek seeds are very powerful that are also helpful in stimulating the various hormones that are responsible for stimulating the breast thereby increasing the size.

· Silver milk thistle – it is commonly known as Silybum marianum or lady’s thistle. Due to its deep penetrating power facilitated by the bitter taste, it seeps deep into the skin surface. It helps in increasing the blood circulation in the total tissue especially the breast tissue. Due to increased blood circulation the local tissue gets more nourishment there by increasing the size.

· Lady’s mantle – it is one of the best herb for enlarging the breast. It is known as alchemilla vulgaris in botanical language. This herb has astringent properties that facilitate the increased blood circulation to the local tissue. It also helps in maintaining the fat deposit. This fats deposit helps in increasing the breast size and make them appear attractive and in proportion to the body. It is also helpful in firming the breast and prevents sagging of the breast making them unattractive and disproportionate.

· Tricticum vulgare – very popularly known as wheat germ oil. It is one of the finest agents that are very helpful in increasing the breast size as it regulates the blood supply to the breast tissue. It is also helpful in increasing the breast size. It is also helpful in maintaining the skin texture of the breast area.

· Radish – it is one of the best herbs that are very efficient in enhancing the blood supply. It is also helpful in equal distribution of the fats in the body their by helps in getting proper body shape. Due to its astringent action acts locally at the affected tissue easily absorb it in the body there.

· Glycine soja – it is commonly known as soy or soya bean. It is one of the richest sources of vegetarian protein. It is very helpful in supplying protein to the body. It is also helpful in increasing the size of the breast when applied locally.

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