How to Choose the Perfect Watch for Perfect Occasion?

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  • Published May 17, 2007
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There are tons of watches out there in the market, be it an online shop or a retail store in your neighborhood. They are different shapes, colors, functions, and styles. How do you choose a perfect wristwatch that fits you most? At times, this can be pulling your hair when you begin your shopping. The most important question to ask is what the occasion is. Do you just wear one type of watches to attend different occasions? If the answer is positive, you may just choose a sport watch with plain old fashion. However, the following question is that whether it will fit all the occasions you will attend. The answer is most likely negative. I encourage people to keep a few different watches with different styles and functions for different occasions. Below are a few tips to help you buy a wristwatch.

  1. Casual

For casual use, you may look for a lightweight feature with a comfortable band such as Skagen. This will make you feel comfy whenever you go. In addition, make sure you pick a water-resistant watch so that you will not have to worry so much where you are and what you are doing. Imagine that if you wear a Rolex watch, you may pay extra attention to watch when you are dining or walking through a crowd so that it will not be damaged by scratching or water spilled over your table.

  1. Sports

For outdoor sports, of course you should pick a sport watch such as Seiko Sportura. Sportura is Seiko’s All Star Chronograph collection. Even though Seiko Sportura is designed especially for motor sports, it will also be very useful for other sports activities. For young teens, any Nike model will make you look vibrant and cool. One of the most outstanding features of Nike is that the product offers a lot of colors and styles for you to choose. Would you wear an orange Nike to a ball? I bet you will not.

  1. Special Occasion

For instance, if you go for any grant dinner or wedding, you may pick up a gold or diamond watch with a slim case. You may even pick a luxurious watch such as Ebel or Rolex. These kinds of watches not only make you look elegant; they can actually be worn for several decades because of their classic looks and quality. Nevertheless, do not forget to pick other jewelry that can match your watch as well when you attend some special occasions.

  1. Working

For a working professional, you may look for a watch that has more formal look, which can suit your black or grey suit. Since you may wear the same watch everyday when you go to work, look out for stainless steal so that the watch can resist your sweat without turning rusty. Citizen Eco-Drive is one of the best choices you want to take a look. For example, Citizen Elektra with a square shape in design has a decent look that suits most men and even women.

In conclusion, be wise to choose your watch not only according to what your taste is but also according to how suitable the occasion you are in.

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