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  • Published May 5, 2010
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If you are in the MLM business and you do not have a blog, Get One Today.

That is my advice for all network marketing business owners out there trying to find more leads and cashflow for your business.

Just a few years back, for someone trying to operate an online business, they would have a static website where their customers could go to and buy their products. However with the rise of blogs in the recent years, its has become more popular than the traditional websites, due to its continual updates of contents and its interactive nature with the readers.

Now, someone would probably come across you on Facebook and look at your Profile and photos. With further interest, they would visit your blog to read your thoughts on their topic of interest. So with a blog, you can create a channel for more interested acquaintances and turn them into a fans.

What is a Blog?

A blog (short for Weblog) is a casual website that displays the most recent articles on the top of the main page. The posts can consist of text, images, links and comments from readers.

Blogging was first started as a way to stay updated with friends and family, however it had evolved to include business content, especially for home businesses.

Why do you need a blog for your MLM Business?

  1. Branding You. If you are in an MLM company and every fellow distributors have a similar replicated website like yours, how do you differentiate yourself from them? The only difference between these sites are your name and contact information, some companies might let you upload a profile picture onto the contact page and that is about all you will get for these site.

As a visitor to this replicated website and wanted to look for a business opportunity or buy a product from your company, I would be wondering, Why do I want to buy from you and not another distributor? Why should I work with you as a business partner? How can you help me to be successful?

Your personal blog will come in handy here, since the blog is about you, the reader would be able to know you and the values you can bring to them for working with you or buying from you. Blogging is definitely a very effective way to build your cyberspace presence.

  1. Build your presence on the Internet. Blog is basically a type of website that gives you a platform to be ranked and listed in Search Engines when a user search with a keyword. For example when someone Googled for the keyword "Jon Koh", my blog at www.jonkoh.com will be listed as one of the top few listings. The user can also search for an MLM X company and possibly find my X company review listed on the first page of Google. This is one way to generate traffic to my blog.

  2. An online traffic interchange. With a blog, you can:

Direct the visitors to your landing page or squeeze page that will automatically channel them to your Sales funnel.

Direct the visitors to your affiliated sites providing valuable information or products, at the same time earns you affiliates commission for any sale.

Put pictures and videos of yourself, that your audience will get to know you better

Tell an inspiring story and motivates your visitors to become your leads.

Recommend free training resources, which will make you more valuable.

Here is a simple example; We just met in Facebook and I wanted to know you more, I found your blog, read your articles and acknowledged that you are an MLM industry leader. Thus I put my name and contact information to receive the Free 7 days Training Videos, upon which I became a lead in your Sales Funnel.

  1. Automatic Synchronization of Updates to various Social Sites. With a Blog you can update your posts to Social book marking sites and Social media sites, such as Stumble Upon, Jumptags, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, with free application like Onlywire.

  2. Due to its dynamic contents and frequent updates, it is easier for your blog to rank higher on Google than other type of websites. With this enormous traffic from Google, you will be able to generate more leads than you will have enough time to handle everyday.

With an autopilot system, you will be able to channel your leads and convert them into customers and in due course business partners.

However you do need to keep in mind that blogging does take time and will require unswerving daily effort to see the successful result that you deserve. So do remind yourself to be patient and success will be awaiting you!

Jon Koh is an Online Marketer Specializing in Attraction Marketing and knows how to help you Generate Endless Leads and Cashflow for your Home Business. Visit Jon Koh MLM Success and he will show you how.

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