The Truth About Temporary HR Staffing and Outsourcing


  • Author Melissa Nathans
  • Published May 10, 2010
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Are there any differences between hr staffing and outsourcing? In some cases, outsourcing is usually a good option. However, when it comes to human resource management, you should consider other options first.

Outsourcing continues to get a bad "rap" because there are so many inexperienced workers. In some cases, outsourcing work might not even solve the most pertinent issues. For example, let's say a company sets up a hotline for technical issues with a software program. The majority of the calls concern a design flaw in the system. While outsourcing might be inexpensive, there are many drawbacks.

In most outsourcing situations, you will never meet the worker in person. He or she will not have the opportunity to develop a relationship with you, your employees or your company. An interim human resource professional will become part of your team. This is a much more desirable solution.

On the other hand, hiring a consultant from a human resources staffing agency would bring you an experienced worker who has experience with overseeing such technical issues. Professional human resource staffing companies only hires people who are qualified and well-trained. Standard outsourcing usually involves workers who simply follow orders and might not have much experience in your particular area of need.

Another misconception about outsourcing companies is that the workers are superior to internal employees. In many situations, this is not usually the case. With an HR staffing agency, you will hire a consultant, not just a temporary employee. Most of their hr professionals have years of hands on training and experience.

Some of these hr interim professionals are at the beginning of their careers and are looking for ways to supplement their income. Interim human resource professionals are usually experienced workers who are looking for temporary work. When hiring someone from a human resource staffing agency, you have the option of hiring someone to work on a temporary project or might consider that person for full time work.

Hiring an interim human resource executive who specializes in a niche area will be a great investment for your company. Interim human resource personnel are highly motivated and will provide professional expertise. If you or your company needs some additional expertise, you should consider speaking to an hr staffing agency. Many people think that outsourcing is a cheaper option. In fact, that is not always true. The terms of the contract depend on the agency that you have chosen to work with.

You are buying the services of established professionals who can work to complete a given task. Time is money and hiring unqualified workers through hr outsourcing instead of human resources staffing may cost you more money in the long-run. If you don't have time to train new employees but need projects completed, HR staffing is your solution.

Melissa Nathans is a consultant with, a company which specializes in interim hr staffing. For more information about HR Outsourcing,check out where you can learn more about human resource staffing for your company or business.

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