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  • Published May 7, 2010
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From the very core of our existence, we were created with certain personal powers that either benefit those of us who use them or impede those of us who ignore their significance. I have learned from both my personal and professional experience that these certain personal powers usually define the qualities of effective leadership, and effective leadership is absolutely essential

to the success of any organization.

If you really want to take your business to the next level, you must take the time to master the 4 personal powers. Let’s take a closer look at the 1st personal power.


This may seem like a simple observation, but effective leaders usually make good choices. Those choices have a cumulative and creative positive impact on the organizations effective leaders serve. Your choices, whether good ones or bad ones, define you.

How many choices do you think you make everyday — 50? 100? The reality is that you make 1,000’s of choices every single day! Moment by moment you choose your perspectives, perceptions, attitudes, and actions. There are three choices that you must make daily to experience growth as a business leader: the choice of attitude, the choice of action, and the choice of accountability.

How will these choices translate into growth for my organization?

Let’s think of these choices as action steps that you must take to see growth in your business. Each action step will take you one step closer to a mindset that makes better choices daily and facilitates a better environment for growth.


You MUST have a positive attitude!

Some dismiss positive attitude as fluff or a motivational gimmick, but it is a key indicator of the quality of your future and the degree of your success. In my interviews with effective leaders, the one consistent theme I hear is the power of their positive expectations. I almost never find effective leaders who have achieved above their own expectations. I may hear them attempt to downplay their achievements, but at the gut level, they all expected

to achieve.

Bottom line: if you have a positive attitude, you are choosing a path to success. Your attitude

becomes prophetic of your future and acts as a magnet ... you actually set up self-fulfilling prophecies regarding your future. You attract

the circumstances that fulfill your expectations.

The first step in attitude development is to make a personal commitment to assume 100 responsibility for developing and using his

or her talents as an effective member of the team. When a gifted athlete matures to a level of personal accountability, he or she becomes a champion.

This same potential lies within you! However, to reach that reserve, you must overcome your self-imposed limitations. The very essence of life is the passionate commitment to strive for a better tomorrow. That means never allowing yourself the comfort of an excuse. Accountability eliminates all excuses; accountability is truly a choice, not a crutch.

Potential represents an endless reserve, and that potential always lies just beyond your comfort zone. Ask yourself these two questions regarding your role as a business owner:

A) Do I settle for what is?

B) Or do I push toward what could be?

Effective change begins with awareness, and awareness always leads to choice. You cannot sidestep the issue of choice. Your choices regarding attitude, action, and accountability will determine the quality of your life and leadership. You must choose, so choose wisely.

Inspiring genuine growth and achievement in leaders, David Byrd has 30 years of experience

working with top business executives and their

organizations. He is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders

worldwide to maximize their leadership potential.

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