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  • Published May 14, 2010
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Although paper documents have served us well for a number of years, with all the technology we have nowadays we are no longer restricted to paper documents for storing all of our important and sensitive data.

Depending on how much information you gather through you business will generally determine which format of storage you will require to keep all of that information safe and secure.

As more information is gathered which needs to be stored, you could be faced with a number of questions regarding how your business can manage all of this information. Should you continue to store the information in paper documents, or is it time to think about storing your information in data format?

The size of your business as well as how much information you expect to continue to accumulate will also be a factor to consider when it comes to not only managing this information so it is well organised, but also where this information can be stored.

There are generally two options when it comes to storing data or documents, and this is either within your own business premises, or off-site storage.

Off-site data storage does not necessarily mean you have to outsource the management of information to another company, it could mean that you purchase or rent another building near your premises. However, when purchasing or renting alternative premises, there are a number of things you have to consider.

Cost is one. How much will it cost a month to rent premises as well as how much will it cost in employers fees for someone to manage that information as well as time taken out to run and get a document or store new documents when the time comes.

As well as storing this information, there is also the destruction of documents. Businesses are required to store sensitive information for a certain amount of time depending on the industry, but they are also required to destroy this information after a certain time.

When you look at all the costs and realise it could be quite pricey for mid to large companies, in these cases it might be worth looking into companies that offer off-site data storage.

These companies are not only fully equipped to accommodate all of your storage information, but they are experienced when it comes to recognising the necessity of ensuring information is kept safe and in a secure environment.

Many of these companies can offer a 24/7 service which means you can get your documents the same time you request them. As well as this, they can also take the pressure off when it comes to ensuring that documents that are no longer required to be kept can be destroyed effectively with the machinery they use; leaving no traces of peoples personal information that can be recovered.

This includes paper documents as well as data storage which can be in the format of CDs, Hard drives and other information that might be stored in digital format.

There are quite often data and document storage companies in your area who are more than happy to show you around so that you can see how your information will be stored as well as destroyed when necessary.

When you compare the costs of storing and destroying information yourself as well as the management of documents, you could save yourself alot of money as well as time and space by outsourcing the management of your sensitive data.

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