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  • Published August 12, 2007
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How to choose pantyhose

Men more often pay attention to ladies legs, than her personality or ability to cook. That’s why its not a surprise, that the spending ability on hosiery, which is a strong weapon of flirtation, consist of rather large part of what woman spends on herself. There are different types of hosiery that varies among themselves by manufacturer, type, color, characteristic and price. And sometimes its very hard to choose a right product and avoid imitation. To look gorgeous in the eyes of men its important to choose the right product, which also will depend on longevity and comfort of hosiery.


The most important factors to verify the correct size for pantyhose are height, weight and the extent of thighs. Size charting is: S-small, M-medium, L-large, XL-extra large. Keep in mind that different manufacturers could have a different charting system, so please read the package label. To find out the correct size, first you should find your height in the vertical column and then your weight in a horizontal column. And in intersection you will find your correct size. If you have long, short, skinny or large lags make a needed correction. If you not sure, choose a one size larger. Avoid choosing one size fits all hosiery.


The times of cotton or wool pantyhose are long gone. Cotton and wool wear off faster and loose their original condition fast. Basic material for manufacturing pantyhose is nylon with different supplements. Mostly all pantyhose consist of lycra or spandex. Pantyhose with lycra beautifully hug your legs, will not wrinkle, soft and stretchy, won’t obstruct your movements and have a massaging effect.

The maximum percentage of lycra in pantyhose is 30%. If on the packaging says 3-5% this is mean that lycra present only in a waistline. These pantyhose will fit loosely. Sheer pantyhose have about 10% of lycra, semi sheer pantyhose have about 20% of lycra. The more lycra the pantyhose have, the more expensive they are. Recently, a new pantyhose with "lycra 3D" came on the market. With this unique technology even the sheerest pantyhose are highly elastic. And of course they cost a lot more. In winter time you might want to choose a pantyhose with supplement with cotton or wool, but necessary with lycra, otherwise they will wrinkle in the knees and ankles. As Frenchman say: “ woman could have wrinkles on the face, but not on the pantyhose”.

Lately, a new product becomes more and more popular. These new pantyhose with microfiber. Microfiber – is an elastic thread, consistent of thinner fibers- the more fibers in the thread, the more softer and silk like to the touch. Plus, the hygroscopic substances are as good as natural ones. But of course, the price is higher.

Inexpensive pantyhose are those that made with acrylic – artificial wool. They are soft, warm and good to wear during winter time. Although, they look cheap and become worn fast. These pantyhose are better to wear under pants, but not skirts.

Online Guide to Choose Right Pantyhose

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