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  • Author Jen Wasilewski
  • Published October 6, 2007
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Want to refresh your closet but not sure with what? Having a few key pieces can have you ready for any and every occasion. Your closet isn’t complete until you have six simple pieces t hat can from from day to night, weekday to weekend, and spring to winter. Next time you inventory your wardrobe, check for these pieces and if you don’t have them, make sure pick of these classic closet necessities.

  • A Black Suit: No woman should consider her wardrobe complete until she owns a black suit. A black suit always looks professional and pulled together and can get you through most occasions. Things like interviews or funerals often spring up out of the blue and you may not have time to run out and find the appropriate outfit. Owning a well fitted, quality, black suit, be it pants or a skirt, will have you ready for any occasion. Because of the suits simplistic nature, you will be able to pair it with a variety of tops and accessories to modify for specific events. While you can go ahead and purchase a suit in another neutral color, black is classic and is often times more adaptable for any situation.

  • A White Shirt: A button down white shirt it a must for every women’s closet. A simple, fitted, button down white shirt can take you just as many places as a black suit. This single shirt can be worn alone, with a camisole; a sweater or cardigan; a suit coat; or a light weight jacket. Have an important interview? Take you white button down shirt and your black suit and you’ll look polished and professional.

  • Perfect Jeans: Spending a little extra cash on a perfectly fit pair of designer jeans is a great idea to add to your must have collection. When searching for a pair of jeans to add to your closet, choose a high quality pair that fits you flawlessly. As a general rule, I would suggest purchasing your jeans in a dark color. Not only is a dark pair of jeans usually flattering to all body types, but they can be worn in most situations where business casual is accepted. Dark jeans and a pair of heels can often be a great casual substitution for your usually pair of pants

  • Trench Coat: A simple, neutral colored trench coat is a great way to always look polished. Whether you’re running out to the store, going to work, or going out to dinner, a trench coat will compliment most if not all outfits. Another great thing about a trench coat is its versatility weather wise. A moderate weight trench coat can be worn throughout spring, fall, and winter.

  • The Little Black Dress: Who hasn’t heard of the little black dress? If there ever was a cornerstone piece that women everywhere must own, it’s this sexy, sultry, yet classy piece. Find a black dress that fits your body type perfectly. A black dress is just as versatile as your black suit only a little more fun and a little sexier. You should be able to wear this to any cocktail party, changing it up with different shoes and accessories.

  • A Pair of Black Heels: Regardless of what colors fill your closet, a pair of black heels that can be worn with your black suit, your little black dress, and your perfect jeans is a must. Choose a high quality pair that is comfortable and can take you everywhere you need to go. It’s a good idea to stay away from ridiculously high heels and stick with something that is a little more rational for everyday wear. While it may be tempting to purchase a pair of platforms, or peep toe heels, this is about cornerstone closet pieces that are timeless and neutral.

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