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Five Design Ideas For Your Living Room
By Alecia Patterson · 1 year ago
If one says that the living room is the heart of a house, I indeed agree with that. The living room is the place where you spend most of the time of your day. Trends ...
Top 10 Bohemian Décor Ideas
By Alecia Patterson · 1 year ago
Bohemian or Boho décor is a classic, cool and relaxed way of decorating any living space. Usually, this style is affiliated with constant travelers, writers, and actors. Bohemian themed rooms often have certain similarities but ...
Industrial Decor Style - 5 Ways to Incorporate This Style in Your Home
By Alecia Patterson · 1 year ago
Industrial décor Style is all about being mature and rustic. The industrial-style décor greatly emphasizes the liberal use of distressed wooden elements and exposed steel that is most often complemented by exposed brick walls. However, ...