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How motivated are you?
By Cheryl Gowin And Dennis Gowin · 2 weeks ago
Just imagine yourself sitting in a room thinking about your two friends. After high school, all three of you had marched down to the recruiting office together, struggled through basic training side by side, said ...
What Do You See In The Mirror?
By Cheryl Gowin And Dennis Gowin · 1 month ago
We may think a picture is worth a thousand words, but the same image does not look identical to everyone. The vision of yourself can be seen from three viewpoints: God's view of you, what ...
Celebrate Recovery Appomattox
By Cheryl Gowin · 2 years ago
Do you have a friend who attends Celebrate Recover? What do you know about Celebrate Recovery or C/R? How did Celebrate Recovery start? In 1991 John Baker wrote Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, a ...