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Learn to ride an e-Foil (electric hydrofoil) in New York; access, inclusion, and benefits.
By Dmitri Oster · 8 months ago
I have been riding e-foils and standard hydrofoils for almost four years now. I started on my own and had very little background and experience in other water sports. I was overweight and did not ...
E-foiling; the ability to fly while staying grounded.
By Dmitri Oster · 1 year ago
There is no denying the fact that e-foilers (and foilers in general) have a need to fly, and soar above the waters. The experience of being weightless is like no other, and a sensation that ...
E-foiling for good mental health
By Dmitri Oster · 1 year ago
E-foiling for good mental health E-foiling (along with many of the foiling sub-disciplines) is a sport in its infancy as it has been around for just a few years at this point. There are many ...