Recent Report Indicates Million of Gallons of Precious Drinking Water Being Wasted

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  • Author Tom James
  • Published June 4, 2010
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An analysis unveiled a short while ago by the nonprofit Heal the Ocean action group signals California is totally wasting more than a billion gallons of water each day by flushing waste debris into the Pacific Ocean. We're not reclaiming ample water.

The report, that has taken over five years to organize, illustrates water misused and the truth this water contains chemical contaminants not really eliminated by existing filtering strategies. The process is not productive to coping with the two key problems, which are halting marine pollution and making up for the shortage of potable water.

From the 1.35 billion gallons misapplied for waste water removal each day, only 312 million gallons is reclaimed. The inquiry indicates this to be an archaic practice that demands serious improvement. The water utilized by roughly 2 million California residences in a year is roughly equivalent to water lost every day with this outdated approach.

In addition to this are the side effects caused to the sea and us since many chemical contaminants contained within the water will not filter out effectively. The scope of damage brought on by these pollutants is unknown. We do know it hurts ocean life and eventually ends up tainting our ocean food supply. Therefore, while reclaiming water is critical, our current filtering approaches need to be improved to filter out the threatening pollutants.

The pollutants, referred to as CECs (Contaminants of Emerging Concern), manifest in all sorts of things we consume. You have to focus on labels and become well informed. Figure that anything you cannot pronounce is not healthy for you or the oceans. Common products we utilize for hair shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, and pharmaceutical products have questionable ingredients. There's a lot of belief in corporate America at the expense of our oceans and our bodies. (Rent the videos The Corporation and Food, Inc. to form your personal judgment.)

Waste water facilities really need to refocus on reclaiming and improving to satisfy our present-day filtering problems with fresh waste and chemical elimination technology. Utilizing reclaimed water for toilets and irrigation would produce a effective decrease in wasted potable water dilemma California faces.

Individuals are not aware of this problem and this can be a challenge. The more press and media coverage presented will inspire people to get behind producing changes. This document that Heal the Ocean is revealing is a superb example. Motivating financial, political, plus more public support is very important to change. You can read the report at the Heal the Ocean website.

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