Make Cupcake Cakes the Centerpiece of Your Special Occasion

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  • Author Madeleine Leperides
  • Published June 26, 2010
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Cupcake cakes and cupcakes in general have become the latest trend in dessert fashion, providing versatility, variety, and unique artistry for any occasion.

They allow you to offer evenly portioned servings in an assortment of flavors, making them easier and more economical than traditional cakes. Their smaller size is perfect for adding depth and life to your masterpieces and creating unique shapes or patterns without all the frustrating cutting and costly waste of slab cakes. Stack them, pile them, bunch them together or turn them on their side – whatever you choose, these sumptuous little mini cakes will impress your guests and become the centerpiece of your party.

When it comes to cupcake cakes, the options are limited only by your creativity. Imagine the look of delight on a child's face when they see a curvy caterpillar or a smiling monkey. Thrill the mom-to-be with a designer baby carriage, or score some points with the pool hall buff by racking up a triangle of delectable billiard balls. Top cupcakes with fluffy white icing and create a roly poly snowman, a puffy santa beard, or a winter scene complete with arctic animals resting lazily on giant snowballs. Stack 9 cupcakes to form a dome, insert a Barbie doll down the middle, and ice the dome to look like a elegant ball gown. In just a few minutes, you will have created a beautiful princess that will make any little girl feel like royalty – and maybe some bigger girls, too!

The convenience and adaptability of cupcake cakes make it easy to experiment with unique designs and patterns. You can arrange your cupcakes in the desired shape and then ice as one unit so the finished product looks just like a traditional cake, only with the beauty of scalloped edges, interesting styles, and easy serving. Create several large flowers by using chocolate iced cupcakes as centers surrounded by pretty pink petals. Tie the whole thing together with a stem and leaves constructed of icing, crepe paper, or pipe cleaners. A clown's face, a football field, or a candy cane with red and green stripes of M&Ms can be easily built and covered with icing so smooth no one would ever guess that an assortment of cupcakes lies beneath.

Showcase your cupcakes' individuality by creating works of art using cupcake tree stands or displaying them on decorative tiers. Clustering cupcakes together to form bouquets of flowers or bunches of balloons will give your cake a look of individual solidarity. Design a Christmas tree on a flat board or give it a three dimensional effect by placing green cupcakes topped with ornaments and candles on a display tree. Arrange cupcakes on a tiered stand and let them stand alone, or ice the tops in a continual flow. Create a checkerboard by alternating brown and white iced cupcakes, or add a little sunshine to the party by designing a whimsical rainbow comprised of multicolored cupcakes arranged side by side in an elegant arch.

From tasteful weddings, to charming children's parties, to holiday celebrations, cupcake cakes will add a unique flair and serve as both a creative centerpiece as well as a delicious dessert.

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