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  • Published June 13, 2010
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What draws people to big events? Well, lots of things, but one of the most crucial details is the food. If the food is poor people are less likely to show up. That is why someone planning your event needs to head up the food department. If you are still in the early stages of bringing all the details together to make your gathering a success, you may want to look into Spanish catering. Not only does it put an ethnic twist on your occasion, but that in itself strays from the dull and ordinary food choices at popular events. Think big and perhaps the turnout will reflect the expansiveness of your ambition.

Obviously you will need to work within the confines of your budget when thinking of a good Spanish catering service. Some will be pricier than others. Along those same lines, certain items on any menu will be more expensive than others. So you can consider a variety of different companies if you pay close attention to the individual prices. Once you decide on what food items you think would work best with your event, look for the caterer to come up with an outline and an overview of the cost and the services. One round number should be a good enough indicator as to whether or not you can afford to do business with that caterer.

Since Spanish catering companies differ from your run-of-the-mill American food companies, be sure to inquire as to what other services they provide? Do they bring their own linen and decorations? Does the wait-staff have a particular routine that portrays their ethnicity? There is a lot to think about when going with a company that offers many things you have not dealt with in the past. At the same time, some of these differences may surprise and delight you. It certainly will lead people to talk fondly about how you thought out of the box for this special occasion.

Two types of items that say a lot about a Spanish caterer are the tapas and the paella. Tapas are essentially finger foods that come in many different shapes and sizes. The main ingredients will, therefore, differ depending on which services you go with. They could be olives, tuna, chicken, or onions made with a Spanish twist. But you will not know until you ask. Paella, also known as Valencian paella, consists of white rice, green vegetables and some type of meat (which ranges from rabbit to duck) with snails, beans and seasoning. Again, the ingredients may differ from place to place. Always ask before ordering!

Certainly Spanish catering is an option different from the norm. And it can certainly be a hit in many locals. Whether or not your audience would delight in great catered Spanish food is something you will have to determine as you continue putting together the details for your gathering. Remember to ask the caterer as many questions as you can think of (and more!). There will certainly be a lot of surprises along the way.

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