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  • Author Giovanni Fernandez
  • Published June 15, 2010
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Spanish catering has seen nothing like El Rey De La Paella in the United States. This relatively new company (ten years old) has been wowing people in south Florida with their exceptional catering services since opening up shop. Their major emphasis is on their paellas, for which the recipe and techniques for making have been passed down by their ancestors. El Rey De La Paella also insists that they use fresh and top-of-the-line ingredients for their paellas, and that those things are what make them so much better than any competitors. Catering companies are not often seen as unique and innovative, but these people are an exception. For those looking for quality Spanish food for a business meeting, party, or other special occasion, give El Rey a call and expect to get your money's worth.

El Rey De La Paella offers quite an extensive list of menu options. On that list are some familiar things like chicken, pork and crabmeat; but there is also a variety of lesser known foods such as chorizo sausage, saffron, plantains and calamari. Certainly there is something for everyone to enjoy. Paellas are the most important menu item, however. That is partially because many different ingredients can make up a single paella, and there are lots of different varieties. Normally a paella is made up of rice, vegetables, meat, beans and seasoning. But the types and amounts of each of these will not be the same with any Spanish caterer. So if you are looking to make an order be sure to do all your research about paellas before blindly requesting their inclusion for your event. You will want to know what you have ordered when it comes through the front door and people start asking!

There is more to El Rey De La Paella than meets the eye, however. Many catering companies prepare and deliver the food and that is it, but not these people. They offer classes to people who are interested in cooking (specifically Spanish food). In addition, they provide special entertainment and event rentals. Of course, any interested party ought to contact them through website or by phone with further questions.

There is no event too difficult or far-fetched for El Rey. Weddings and baptisms, corporate events and anniversaries are all gatherings they have catered in the past and would be willing to cater again. For those interested in looking into the services El Rey De La Paella has to offer, they can be contacted online. Or, if you happen to know their address in Miami, stop by and talk to an employee on hand for further information. Once the details are hammered out (what food is going to be delivered, how much, etc), they will come up with a figure for you to mull over. One of El Rey's claims to fame is there affordability. However, if the estimate is a little bit over what you expected, then just take a few things off the menu. They will truly give you the best deal for your money.

El Rey De La Paella is a full service Paella Catering Company with 1 goal in mind, to deliver the best possible service to our clients at the most affordable price. For details visit

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