Lighting "Soldier" How to Avail lighting "General"? You Danced I Played

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  • Author Zhang Yan
  • Published July 2, 2010
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Low-carbon economy is undoubtedly the most popular topic in 2010, the green light is the primary industry, low carbon economy. 5.1 World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games in October, driven by the green light was a common practice in major venues. Green, low-carbon life becomes the development trend of all walks of life, and LED semiconductor lighting industry, lighting industry, the natural order. Out of incandescent light into Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea national hot topic, the new light source and solar energy lamp are much attention to the lighting industry.

With 1.3 billion people, China lighting industry has a huge market, and strong lighting company is numerous. December 2009 Copenhagen World Summit on global climate conference allow the real estate industry in China in recent years, rapid, high-end, stylish flats scratch; urban development, increasing speed up the pace of the rhythm; stimulation of economic globalization invariably impact on people's living standards improved. People demand for fashion, environmental protection, energy saving, healthy more and more intense lighting. So the lighting industry market structure because of the lighting industry will be quickly formatted into.

Compared with traditional lighting company, lighting company is more professional. Although the lighting company realized that the lighting market hot and adjusted quickly to develop new products, the lighting industry already has a large market. Lighting company completely can research and develop, manufacture products and own market share under this market. I recently called Lizhen from a real person in charge of the brand lighting company has learned, this is a professional brand to home-based lighting company lighting. Have their own R & D, design, production team. From marketing to service, an integrated logistics company, have to say this company is very popular in the lighting market.

Lighting makes lighting industry, the company's development of market diversification, features, and more professional brand lighting endless. Lighting industry, described as "a hundred flowers bloom," so the lighting industry is very professional, very fine. Active market opportunities brought explosive, some of those who sail with the wind after another into the lighting industry, once again stimulate the impact of the lighting market will flourish.

Lizhen lighting reminds lighting business to succeed, not only great enthusiasm to join the lighting industry, more importantly, to their own specialized brand visibility. So neither the traditional lighting companies compete, nor be subject to lighting companies, while another way out of their lighting market. If you have no hand you can't make a fist, unique product is the guarantee. Stylish, energy saving, environmental protection, health has been lighting the declaration, however, really need to own R & D, production, marketing, service teams. This is a product update quick, powerful sales support quickly; the same time also has a strong media campaign, and the characteristics of the sales model. Enhance the brand image of a strong and draw lighting market marketing strategy; with high-quality logistics and sales service system, is a true professional lighting, feature development.

Lighting Company's "second stove" in the eyes of traditional lighting companies is operating hot. This kind of close "dancing" Happy-itself, is undoubtedly a natural market development. In the "low-carbon economy," the tide will be more rapid under the lighting business to thrive.

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