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  • Published July 9, 2010
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It is important to be aware of your legal rights, options and entitlements when you have experienced an injury and the best way to establish where you stand legally is to discuss your specific situation by speaking to a personal injury lawyer. By contacting the Legal Compensation helpline you can be put in touch with the right personal injury lawyer who specializes in your particular injury and it won’t cost you anything as free advice is given. You will also be offered a free assessment of your claim outlining your options and entitlements.

Compensation claims can be complex as every case will have a variety of aspects to it. In a nut shell your entitlements will very much vary on the following things:

• The extent of the injury

• If the injury has a permanent aspect to it

• Whether there was any negligence involved

• In what State or Territory the injury happened

Compensation entitlements may include: medical expenses, costs relating to rehabilitation, long term cost of care, loss of earnings, funeral expenses (if applicable) and a lump sum payment.

Laws in each State and Territory vary considerably. Here are some examples to demonstrate how much legal rights can vary. In some States if the injury sustained has a permanent aspect to it and was a result of someone else’s negligence you may be entitled to a common law claim in addition to statutory workers compensation.

In some states if you were involved in a car accident and were on your way to work you may be entitled to a CTP claim and Worker’s Compensation, however, negligence must be proven in certain states as State laws operate under a ‘Fault-based’ scheme.

If you are involved in a car accident in other parts of Australia you may be entitled to claim regardless of who was at fault where a State or Territory operates under a ‘No Fault’ scheme for road accidents.

Of course the circumstances of your injury will determine your entitlements and the best way to establish and learn about your entitlements is to speak with a personal injury lawyer. There are such a large number of variables when it comes to whether you can make a claim, or whether or not you have a good claim. By contacting legal compensation you will be put in touch with the right lawyer and can find out your rights to legal compensation.

The laws in Australia are there to protect innocent people who have suffered an injury and this is the reason why insurance cover for employers, drivers, businesses and other organizations is compulsory. All compensation claims are paid out by the insurance company involved, so you needn’t be concerned of any individual being out of pocket as a result of your claim.

Insurance companies are very good at selling premiums but not always quite so good at paying out claims sufficiently. Quite often you may find they limit and delay payments wherever possible so it is very important to seek advice from a personal injury lawyer especially if you have been made an offer. You can get peace of mind, be in the know and find out that the offer is appropriate or not. By contacting Legal Compensation you can establish that you have been sufficiently compensated.

Time limits apply so seek legal advice sooner rather than later.

Get info on your rights when you have a workplace injuries claim. Time limits apply so seek legal advice sooner rather than later by contacting Legal Compensation today.

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