Horrible Tragedy Unfolds in Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion

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  • Author Brian Beckcom
  • Published July 7, 2010
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The Deepwater Horizon submersible oil rig, owned by Transocean and leased to BP, exploded on April 20, 2010, causing a massive oil leak and endangering the lives of over 120 workers. The exact cause of this terrible tragedy remains unknown, but many theories have surfaced, all of them pointing to massive neglect and recklessness bordering on criminal.

The enormous impact of this man-made disaster is so far reaching that the total scope of lives, both human and marine; dollars, in the billions; and environments that this will reek havoc on is almost unimaginable. A number of leading experts including scientists, economists, oilmen, and maritime attorneys are all looking at this catastrophe from various angles, hoping to piece together the scale of this disaster.

For the families of the some 126 workers on board the Deepwater Horizon rig during the explosion, their thoughts turn to the more immediate, the safety of their loved ones and the impact this disaster will have on their family’s long-term well being. With eleven workers still missing, many hospitalized, a several suffering from 3rd degree burns, the families of Transocean employees have to be concerned about their futures. The workers must know that they have to report their injuries, and should think seriously about contacting a Houston Jones Act Attorney or a Texas Maritime Lawyer depending on their locale.

The search and rescue efforts for the missing eleven offshore workers continues as a massive joint effort between the Coast Guard and state agencies from Louisiana, Texas, and several other gulf states. The grim reality of the situation is that the longer the search continues, the more unlikely it is for the lost Deepwater Horizon workers to be found. While hoping and praying for the best, the families of these still missing workers need to prepare for the worst; protecting their best interests by consulting a Maritime Attorney, who is well versed in dealing the legal ramifications of this terrible tragedy.

Houston Jones Act Attorney Brian Beckcom is a graduate of Texas A&M and UT School of Law. Brian lives in Houston & specializes in Maritime Law & Jones Act cases. As a founding partner of Vujasinovic & Beckcom P.L.L.C, and a Houston Maritime Attorney, Mr. Beckcom has dedicated his life to helping victims of maritime injury.

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