How To Build Self Esteem


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  • Published October 27, 2010
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"I'm never going to achieve my goals", "I'll never able to complete this presentation", "My life is a hell", "I am not important", read these statements carefully and tell me what you feel? The answer is NEGATIVITY. This is what we call low self esteem.

We have a picture of whom we are, how we look, we all have negative and positive qualities but how we deal with these negative qualities is how our self esteem is affected. We start to develop this picture from the day we are born and it is based on interactions with other people and personal experiences of our life. The more negative experiences we have from childhood to adulthood the lower our self esteem will be. Having positive self-esteem is the first step towards happiness and a better life. Self-esteem improves our confidence, people with healthy self esteem are confident, happy, and feel good about themselves. On the other had people with low self esteem may feel bad about themselves as if no one like them, accept them, they can't do anything good. a low self esteem is a big obstacle in the way of success.

A study conducted by researchers highlighted the relationship between self esteem and academic performance of students. Random sampling was used for collecting data and as a consequence 50 male and 50 female were chosen randomly. And guess what, the results suggested that high self-esteem is important factor and strengthen the prediction of academic achievement in students. Now, the good news is that self esteem is not genetically and it can be changes and it changes over time. So low self esteem is not a permanent problem and we can solve it with some serious steps.

Here are the few steps you can do right away in order to improve your self esteem:

Don't Strive For Perfection.

Some people become paralyzed by perfection. This fact is that nobody is perfect. So instead of doing everything with perfection, aim for being as good as you can be as often as possible. You will find that you are most comfortable with others if you are comfortable with yourself.

Do Not Try To Control Situations Which Are Beyond Your Control.

There are many things that you cannot control like weather, life-death and most importantly others attitude and opinion about you. So try to ignore other peoples insecurities and shift your attention to goals that you can take charge of. It is impossible to control each and every situation but you can always control your response towards it.

Set Realistic Goals

Another important step for you to do to improve self esteem is set some realistic goals accomplish them. Make a plan for how to achieve your goals and then stick with your plans and keep track of your progress. Many many people write down extravagant goals, which they will not achieve as to achieve your goals you need a strategic plan which means that you need a step by step guide as to how you will achieve those goals but your goals need to be realistic in the first place.

Maintain A Diary To Track Your Progress

At the end of the day make a note about things you have done today , complements people have made about you, note down how you have been talking to yourself and once you start to get into this habit you will improve your self esteem and the difficulties you faced to achieve them. They can be as small or as big as you like.

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