How Drug Rehab Program Can Lift Up Poor Self-Esteem That Commonly Led To Drug Addiction


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  • Published October 24, 2010
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Most of us correctly assume that someone who addicted to alcohol or drugs could make someone loosing their self-esteem. But in the reality is we can see most of addicts' low self-worth is the first thing that plays a part in changing them to become substance abusers. The fact of addiction only makes the matters becoming worse. To conquer factors which are involved in addiction, an addict must choose a comprehensive drug rehab program that is really changed their way of life.

Self-esteem is a complex human need and very personal. This came from everything which we thought, felt and did in life. We judged ourselves by our mind, actions and reactions, and our prejudice is brought out on our sense of it. It told us whether or not we deserved to be happy, and whether we were competent or incompetent in something.

This is a strong stuff. It's what controls someone to failure or success. Loss of self - esteem could drive someone addicted to drugs. Only drug rehab, if it is the right drug rehab, could bring self - esteem back. Self-esteem and self-knowledge is the result from a program of drug rehab which really works. When we can get our self-esteem back, we can recover from addiction, it goes hand in hand.

Low self-esteem was not just felt by "losers" in life. Low self-esteem can be appeared in "winners" mind too. It is much surprises the others. Recently, many movie, sport and rock stars registering drug rehab. We can conclude that a million dollars and success can’t buy happiness. And clearly, good looks, money and fame cannot guarantee it.

What fans often don't remember is that even the idol is still just an ordinary people who have the same problems just like we are. And many people also don't realize that fame is two sided knife that gives you fortune as well as destruction. If you cannot manage your self, it will lead you to destruction. Unluckily, our self-esteem is not only influenced by our own deeds and thoughts, but also by other people’s words and actions. Some people would influence us to the positive way, but some would influence us to the negative way. And stars who have hedonist way of life will be surrounded by people who have negative thought in his mind.

Whether your shortcoming and failure is real, imagined there by someone you should learn to avoid, the one that you should avoid are among your most important and complex feelings. They are yours alone to confirm, contemplate, condemn, accept or deny. When you fall too deep in alcohol or drugs, they can blow your self-esteem into the pieces. For some persons, escape into alcohol or drug is the solution, and most of them are becoming addicts. The real solution is the program of drug rehab that brings back our self esteem.

A good drug rehab program can assist you to stop using drugs. Don't let drugs and alcohol ruin your life and lower your self-esteem any longer. A drug rehab counselor can help you find a successful Drug Rehabilitation . program that will return yours, and a life free from alcohol and drugs.

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