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  • Author Eddie Smith
  • Published October 30, 2010
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Sexting is the newest wave of social interactions that our children are involved in. Sexting, a clever mix of sex and texting, is exactly what you would imagine it to be; sexually explicit photographs or messages being sent between primarily, (but not limited to) mobile phones. With the convergence of technology in today’s age, this means that almost every single one of our children can be involved. Almost every kid has a cell phone today, it is practical and provides safety, yet has increasing caveats to unlimited use. As well, even cell phones themselves have become extremely advanced, allowing most children to have access and ability to send or receive email. This means that your home computer is just as likely to be a nesting ground for child pornography as anywhere else.

What is there to do? Luckily, the convergence of cell phones and email might be one of the saving graces in the end. The use of parental control software, like a keylogger, can provide you with instant and constant surveillance over what is being sent or received from a home computer. With the ability to view their emails, and even IM chats, you can be sure be in the know as to whether your son or daughter is participating in or being the victim of, sexting.

Sexting is serious business! The laws in the US about anti-child pornography are extremely strict. It is not uncommon of teenagers to be tried as adults or to end up being guilty of extremely serious crimes like distribution or possession of child pornography, which will follow them around for the rest of their lives; couple that with guilty parties also being listed in public records as sex offenders, it can be years until you are able to live a normal life again.

Get involved to make sure your son or daughter doesn’t end up thinking that what they are doing is harmless, because it isn’t. Start using a keylogger today and clear any doubts to whether or not your computer has child pornography on it.

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