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  • Published November 13, 2010
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Poulan snow blowers are available in various design and horse power.It can clear pathway in solid ice and hence helpful for organizations and home owners. It has two stage ignition systems which makes the maneuvering easier and is cost effective. This machine starts on electricity and then gas can be used to run.

The small wheels efficiently facilitates the movement of the machine. It is designed to function in difficult areas and thick hard ice. It has forward and backward movement facility. The auger is placed in a fitting place in the lower front that helps in making passage over ice. The area and the depth of clearance is to be understood. Commercial Poulan snow blowers will clean up to four feet wide ice. They have bigger wheels and function like a tanker does.. Moreover, it has multiple speed variation system.

The poulan snow thrower is just the best when you have recurring snowfall in the winter. Here are some models for your reference:

o Poulan 5.5 HP Snow Thrower: It can be operated on one hand and very simple to use. The machine is quipped with a power of 5.5 HP with six forward and two reverse gear function. It can clear snow up to two feet deep.

o Poulan 8.5 HP Pro Snow Blower: It has electric starting system that is helpful in freezing conditions and it cuts twenty seven inches thick ice on a two stage function. The system has got the accuracy of throwing the snow at the proper place.

o Poulan 9 HP Snow Thrower: This model should be a good choice as it cuts ice deep into 27 inches. The 16 inches wheel runs both in electricity and gas as well. With multiple speeds the two stage machine has halogen light to function at night.

o Poulan 10.5 HP Snow Thrower: With this machine you can clear up to 36 inches of ice and move the machine with their multiple gear system. The mobility of the equipment is smooth and easy to handle. The provisions of technicalities are more or les like 9HP Poulan snow thrower.

o Poulan 11 HP Snow Thrower: It has the capacity to cut thirty inches wide ice path and its snow intake is 23 inches. This machine can function on adverse situations like the terrains. The best part is it has power steering and electric start system. If you are interested to buy then contact them in 1 800-554-6723. They will guide you to the nearest dealer.

To know more about Poulan Snow Blowers read the Poulan Snow Blower Reviews or visit their website poulansnowblower.com

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